13 Amazing Tips To Live Longer
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13 Amazing Tips To Live Longer

It is the ultimate goal of human kind to expand, explore, transcend and live, and not necessarily in space but in mind and spirit as well, or at least that’s what I believe, so what could make it better than having a long lasting lifespan to achieve more of this?

Picture the day you could be seeing your grandchildren having their own families sat at the dinner table and you being there to teach and amaze your great grand-children with your hard-earned wisdom through the experiences gather along your life.

Imagine yourself explaining the kids the times you were using “videocassettes” to record your kids as playable physical memories, with tears in your eyes because of nostalgia only to then realize they may have that confused looking face not even able to get what a DVD or CD is.

You’ll be able to tell the story of a time before the internet and touchscreens, they won’t even believe it when you had to actually get in the car, drive a couple of miles and do a manual search for your favorite movie on the rental video store… whoooo what a time! and then you’ll stand up from the chair by yourself, excusing and retiring to make your daily Yoga exercises, yes I also see myself there.

13 Tips to Follow For Extended Lifespan

But to get there in the first place will require some proactive work to do, so let’s not delay, there are more than a couple of ways to extend one’s lifespan and by following this guidelines you’re ready for a jump-start:

  1. Exercise on a daily basis.
  2. Reduce stress.
  3. Consume antioxidants.
  4. Quit smoking.
  5. Watch your weight.
  6. Eat healthier, include fiber in your diet.
  7. Protect your skin from the sun.
  8. Reduce the excess of calories.
  9. No over-drinking.
  10. Eat more fruits and vegetables.
  11. Consume less red meat.
  12. Watch TV less than two hours a day.
  13. Expand and strengthen your friends’ and family network.

Let’s now analyse this points and why they are going to help you get a healthier, lasting and more fulfilling life, because no one wants to be a living vegetable if you can avoid it right?.

Exercise on a daily basis: Blood pressure and cholesterol levels play an important factor in your health and obviously in your life expectancy, exercising as little as 30 minutes a day can slash significantly the risk of suffering a disease as the result of this factors, even better, exercise helps reduce stress and fight depression.

Reduce stress: Health related issues are many times common ground for people with stressful occupations, you know, very busy lives and annoying bosses on our jobs or those who suffer of chronic stress, this can actually undermine your immune system and even damage your DNA as recent researches have found, so which are the solutions? Play more, go outside, call your friends, exercise, get a hobby on something you love. Sure you may find useful this material for stress relief:

Consume antioxidants: You know what those do? yes, they help slow down the deterioration of your body caused by the “oxidation” of your cells, which damages them like a rotting fruit, picture the image of a day-old slice of apple. Of course this is a natural unavoidable process in the cell’s life, but you can help slow the process of free radicals by ingesting antioxidants, which are found in dietary supplements and also naturally in coffee and fruit juice like Orange. Get them on A1 Supplements or Amazon.

Quit smoking: Way lot easier said than done, I smoked for 10 years and glad I finally stopped, cigarettes add free radicals to your body, damaging it, the simple act of smoking slices an average of 10 years! to your expected lifespan, good news is that research has shown that leaving this killing habit before your 40s might restore your life expectancy to near normal as if you have never picked up the habit.

Watch your weight: Studies conducted in the US demonstrated that the heavier one gets, the riskier for our health it is, naturally and unsurprisingly having excess weight might affect negatively our body cholesterol and blood pressure in many cases, this data also showed people with BMI between 20 and 25 had the lowest mortality rate, well that unveils that being too thin is also a pretty bad idea, oh and this research was conducted for men and women showing similar results so let’s better watch our waists.

Eat healthier: Not only will this tip give you a longer life expectancy but also a better health-span, you end up living longer and healthier all the way, good news is this will make you save money too! hey too much of a good thing in this case is great, but why? by not having to fill your doctor’s pockets with money, sure is a stress relief tool and it will add a smile on my century-old face, that’s a nice deal if you ask me. Remember to include less processed foods, low-fat meats and lots of greens.

Protect your skin from the sun: And not just for the obvious cancer risks one gets by exposing this important organ to the uv radiation, by the way buy a sunblock for every day use, specially when going outdoors, remember that the use of tobacco and alcohol as well as pollution affects in a great measure the skin aging process, why would you gain wrinkles for free? Watch your blood sugar and stress as those also have a great impact on your skin health.

Reduce the excess of calories: Among other issues like cardiovascular problems and diabetes (which would obviously affect your quality of life) overeating also increases the stress on your body, since eating that little extra mouthful of anything is pushing our metabolism further thus making us age faster. People with slower metabolism gain weight easier but it is also believed that they tend to live longer, best thing to do is not to try and force it by overeating.

No over-drinking: It might be of common knowledge that antioxidants in wine and some products made from extracts of it like Resveratrol helps keep free radicals in our body at bay, hence probably adding years to our life as studies have shown on the effect of the latter in lab mice and other living species, however the abuse of alcohol of course has so many negative effects including the increase of many times over the death rates, being more than 400% on women a and almost 200% higher on man in comparison to those not dependent on alcohol (alcoholism) as a German study shows, remember that women have slower metabolisms and tend to be more vulnerable to it.

Eat more fruits and vegetables: We all have heard this since the times of our grandmothers, at the dinner tables and in our mother’s kitchens, eating our veggies was not in discussion, and yes they were always correct, the consumption of them helps in the prevention of cancer and other chronic diseases and cardiovascular problems, a study in Spain found that eating a little over a pound of fruits and vegetables reduces mortality by 10 percent.

Consume less red meat: Eating too much of red meat which is high in saturated fat might have its toll on the health of your heart, unfortunately for us, hotdogs, bacon and the delicious salami are on this radar too, experts recommend eating no more than 3 servings per week, this reduces death rates by 9%, yes! keep adding years to our lifespan baby, but what can we eat then? well, low fat dairy products, fish and whole grains are all excellent ideas, you could even save those red meat servings for the BBQ on the family weekends and you will be good to go.

Watch TV less than two hours a day: Curiously enough time spent on the computer hasn’t been linked with a higher mortality, and I wrote that first so you wouldn’t stop reading here… However the TV has shown to increase this mortality rate by twice the amount for people spending more than two hours a day in comparison with people who watched less as a study in the University of Navarra in Pamplona, Spain has revealed.

Expand and strengthen your friends’ and family network: This is a double win don’t you think? get more friends and get closer to your family and you’ll more prone to live longer, it has been found that mortality rates decrease steeply when you are an in-touch person with those around you, get better relationships with your neighbors and coworkers and not only will you live longer but better and in higher in quality, yes stop throwing cigarette butts to your neighbor’s lawn and you’ll note a change in his mood, or stealing pens from the girl at the door desk in your office building for example, now this is related to the stress factor our close circle can help us cope with, they encourage us and support us, even help us to avoid dangerous or risky situations, like the time your sober friend drove your heavy drunken self home after a heavy party night, although you may not even remember it.

Sure it doesn’t end there, you can add more good habits and foods to this list and stick it to the fridge for you to read every time you are on the hunt for one more slice of pizza, after all, great changes won’t become a reality if you don’t pour your heart into it, accomplish one of this purposes at a time, some are easier than others for different people, like quit smoking for example but it will be really worth it. Remember to consult your physician or medical specialist before making any extra efforts or changes in your diet and habits, your health is first.

13 Amazing Tips To Live Longer
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