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13 Tips To Get Big Muscles

Muscles, Muscles and More Muscles! Read to find out how to get big muscles quickly!

I have read about over a hundred tips on how to bulk up really quick.  Here are my favorite 13 tips that could help you get big muscles:

  1. Use a mirror.  You tend to be extra careful when you see yourself in the mirror, checking every lift, movement and position which can prevent injuries.
  2. Add extra resistance to your workout.  Especially when you’re budget cannot permit you to go hit a gym. You can use a band or a homemade dumbbell to do that bicep curls or overhead triceps extensions.
  3. Warm up, warm up and warm up.  This will prepare your muscles and joints for much more difficult workouts.
    To target your hamstrings.  Try riding a stationary bike and pedal it with one leg at a time then switch when you feel it burning.  Then pedal with both legs.
  4. Watch your protein intake.  Though protein helps in muscle building, too much of a good thing could go bad.  Our bodies can burn or consume a certain amount of  protein … anything beyond the normal level can also be turned into fat instead of the protein going into developing your muscles.
  5. Jog in moderation.  If you’re jogging lavishly as part of your cardiovascular workout, think again.  This might compromise your muscle development. Instead of bulking it up, jogging reduces fat as well as your muscles.
  6. Don’t forget to get a dose of your calcium rich food or drinks.  Stronger bones mean a stronger body frame where muscles dangle on.
  7. You don’t have to say no again to ice creams during muscle building.  You still can enjoy ice cream as long as its soft-serve.  Soft-serve ice creams are milk so it has more whey protein and lesser fat solids.  What are you waiting for, grab one now!
  8. Put some variations in your routine.  You can do 2-counts on your first set then 3-counts on each lift then back to 2-counts again on your next and last set.  This promote quick muscle growth.
  9. Remember to take your daily multivitamins.  This doesn’t only protect you from sickness but also protect you again muscle damage and help promote faster recovery from heavy workouts.
  10. Put everything in writing!  Write down everything.  Yes waiting to see the result in the mirror is good but seeing our progress along the way pays as much too.  You can see your detailed accomplishments and who knows you can share your success to a friend in need.
  11. Do more total-body exercise.  If there’s such a thing as multi-tasking when it comes to work, in body building there’s what you call total-body exercise.  Meaning one exercise targeting two or three muscle groups.  Don’t you love that?
  12. Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water. This doesn’t help you burn fat but build muscles as well. This also prevents you from feeling fatigue during workouts.
  13. Get the right amount of sleep.  Production of new cells in our body takes place while we are asleep and if you are training hard and heavy to build mass, sleep more than eight hours.

Following these tips, you’ll be on your way to get big muscles sooner rather than later!

13 Tips To Get Big Muscles
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