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3 Hour Diet

If you want to become a citizen of the Diet World, then you will find that currently on the market there are many programs on nutrition and dietary weight loss, as well as individual fitness plans. The range of commercial offers has a very long and varied. Some of these programs spend effort in order to become a worthy product on the market for several years. At the same time, other diet for a long time remain the best keepers of the secrets of this class.

Celeb Diet Secrets

One such program is the three-hour diet , which was developed by American Jorge Cruz. Many experts believe that this program is the best diet holds the secrets of the mastery. Did you look past the pass phrase or a quiet laugh at this opinion? You are right in some parts, like many other people. Many readers are convinced that there is no link between the consumption of food every three hours and a possible decrease in body weight. But science does not stand still and is constantly moving forward, together with the theory. The Jorge Cruise’s program currently has become a mainstay in the fitness industry.

The 3-hour diet idea

Jorge Cruz has based his diet idea that if you stop a thorough and regular feeding your body, your body will go into what is called “starvation mode”. In this mode, your body first burns muscle, not fat, because the body is easier to take out the muscles needed energy for its operation. In this mode, your body prefers to keep the fat and not burn or consume it for use in life support. Therefore fasting you lose muscle and store fat.

According to the idea of Jorge Cruise 3 Hour Diet you will not feel constantly hungry, because you need to eat every three hours daily. People who participated in this diet claim that they set for themselves an alarm that reminds them not to miss a meal.

The 3-hour diet book

If you want to get acquainted with this diet program, you can purchase via the Internet a book about a 3 hour diet by Jorge Cruise. You learn a lot of useful things, such as which products should be appropriate to eat in order to achieve the best results. The key to this program will be received by you in learning the knowledge of what products are more suitable for you, when you are dieting with this plan. You can also register online at the personal website of Jorge Cruz for more information about planning your body weight and how to incorporate this plan into your daily routine exercises.

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If you are seriously considering this plan as your method of dieting, I recommend just buying a book by this author. In his book mentions a lot of wonderful tips, hits and techniques that can help you reach your goal no matter how much you may be busy and hectic pace of life.

The 3-hour diet liabilities

However, with this diet, there is one thing you should keep in mind: the 3 hour diet program imposes on you a serious commitment. You should choose one or two months of free time to stick to a schedule of diet and achieve a known result in this regard. If you do not want or can not eat every three hours for a few days or weeks, the plan may not be up to you.

As experts say, there are special considerations based on the number of kilograms or pounds that you currently weigh, and the number of kilograms or pounds that you lose hope in the future. If you have a goal of achieving the best and most immediate result of a 3-hour diet, then you should be honest with yourselves throughout the dietary process.

Some readers, who kept the 3-hour diet, claimed that they have lost more than 10 pounds (4.5 kilograms) in the first two weeks. Also, there are many followers of this diet, which claim that they are doing it again and again. Of course, it is actually difficult to verify. Nevertheless, the 3-Hour Diet by Jorge Cruise is popular that even many celebrities endorse it for quick and immediate results.


Feature 3-hour diet is that this diet is effective, but imposes a very real commitment on the part of those who take this diet for themselves. If you have not heard about this diet so far, please take the time to check and see that plan. Maybe that is the plan for you so that you could incorporate into your life. Many experts say that if there is at least one diet that they would recommend to others especially those who hate feeling hungry, it would be a 3-hour diet.

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