3 Ways You Can Tell That Exercise Is Good For You
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3 Ways You Can Tell That Exercise Is Good For You

3 Ways You Can Tell That Exercise Is Good For YouIt’s fair to say that many of us know that exercising regularly is good for our health because we have obviously had it drummed into us on so many occasions.

Indeed many of us have heeded this advice and are now regulars in the gym, but for those people who stubbornly refuse to take up exercise because it sounds too much like hard work, I thought it would help if I listed three different ways that you can tell that exercise really is good for you.

It Makes You Feel Good

If you have never done any physical exercise, or are not really interested in the fitness scene, you might not know that your body releases endorphins when you exercise.

These endorphins bring about a feeling of happiness and contentment, and are one of the reasons why so many people are addicted to fitness because it really does make you feel good every time you workout.

You Feel Tired And Lethargic When You Don’t Exercise

If you are someone who works out regularly, you may well have noticed that you start to feel tired, lethargic and lacking in energy whenever you go a few days without any exercise. I particularly notice this around Christmas and Easter, for example, when I will usually have several days off.

The harsh reality is that it’s not good to sit around all day, and the fact that you feel awful when you don’t do any exercise at all is proof that regular workout sessions really are good for you.

It Helps You Stay Slim

I am a 39 year old man and I think it’s fair to say that many of my friends who are a similar age are now starting to suffer from middle-age spread. This is not a crime because it is definitely harder to maintain a perfect body shape as you get older.

However as someone who works out nearly every day of the year, I am still the same weight as I was 15 years ago, and can still fit into a pair of 32-inch jeans, which I am obviously very pleased about.

3 Ways You Can Tell That Exercise Is Good For You
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