4 Fads to Be Wary Off
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4 Fads to Be Wary Off

Do you keep a running list on your leather padfolios of the health fads you want to try? While it’s perfectly fine to try whatever is new, you may want to think long and hard before trying the ones listed below.

Tapeworm Diet

Marketed early in the 20th century, the tapeworm diet involved swallowing tapeworm eggs so the tapeworm could grow inside your intestinal tract and wreak havoc within, and then killing the tapeworm with medicine the moment you’ve reached your ideal weight. The idea was that the tapeworm will consume calories your body would have normally used.

Does this diet work? Obviously not, or the FDA wouldn’t have banned it. Then again, you don’t need the FDA to tell you it’s dangerous to introduce tapeworms to your body!

Placenta Drinks

Women would pretty much do anything to look younger, but try pig placenta? Even if you have skin that looks more creased than a leather envelope, don’t try it. Pig placenta is not an anti-ager. Neither will it give you kissable, pink lips or cheeks smoother than a baby’s behind.


Supporters of Breatherianism claim it’s the quickest way to lose weight – I’ll say it is! After all, under this diet, you’ll be depriving yourself of water and food, and will only be subsisting on sunlight and your own life force, called prana. Don’t even think of trying this at home. Anything that will have you believe you can live on sunlight and life force alone is cuckoo! How do you harness your own prana, anyway? And, is that even edible?

Spanish Fly

Eating the Spanish fly is said to improve the libido. You’d be better off swallowing a leather magnetic money clip instead! According to the FDA, the Spanish fly contains poison that scalds the mouth, throat, and the internal organs. It can scar the urethra, and even cause death.

The next time you hear of health fads that sound too freaky to be true, don’t try them just because someone swears they work. You can’t go wrong with common sense as your compass.

4 Fads to Be Wary Off
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