5 Essential Workout Supplements
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5 Essential Workout Supplements

With all the many supplements out there in the market we’ve narrowed it down to the most most efficient workout supplements.  Some supplements assist in helping you build a lean body.  We have found exactly those.

The true bodybuilder enthusiast uses these as a means to support his workout routine.  He knows not to overdue it, as tempting as that may be, because doing so will have more harmful effects on his today and health than good.  As you go through our list do more research as you may feel to do so.  We have provided you with a quick briefing on each.

Meal replacement supplements: This is used as a replacement for a meal (hence the name) and most bodybuilders will have one a day or less, depending on their growth needs and deadlines to meet.  Trying to stuff 6-7 meals per day isn’t always easy, so this has been the other route to go.

Pre-workout energy drinks: Nitric Oxide is widely used by guys who live at the gym.  There are many brands out there so make sure you pick out one that will help you achieve your goals.  It has become one of the best workout supplements for men.  It will help the blood flow and allow the food energy be better fed to your muscles for maximum growth.

Glutamines: Essential for intensive workouts and anyone who frankly is looking to put on lean muscle for the long run. Most athletic trainers will recommend amino acids to athletes.

Protein Powders: Two main types here – 1. Soy and 2. Whey.  Whey is by far the most common, everyone has their arguments as to which is better but I personally see the only main difference being in taste, in which the whey protein is preferred.  There is also a time-release protein shake to help muscle recovery as you sleep.  It can be very useful to do both a regular shake and night time one.

Creatine: Has it’s pro’s and con’s.  Pro’s = gain mass muscle quickly. Con’s = hard on liver and kidneys. You can get it in a powder form or pill.  The powder can also come flavored or you can mix it with anything.  Purpose is to give you longer workouts with more intensity.

Now you have 5 well-known supplements for workouts to get you started on the right foot.  Always consult with a professional before use on how much and how often.  Your body weight and type will make a difference on how to go about reaching your muscle building goals.

5 Essential Workout Supplements
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