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5 “Health Foods” That Lie

We all want to eat healthy; we try our best to include fruit and vegetables with every meal, we cut back on sugar and sodium, and we do our best to read labels on every product at the grocery store. You may feel proud that you chose the can of mushroom soup that reads “low-fat!” on the label, or the “low-sodium” jar of spaghetti sauce. But unless you keep a stern eye on all labels, looking deep into the health information, you may be buying something that is in fact quite bad for your health. Here are five “health foods” that are actually not a smart choice at all.

Italian Style Pasta Sauce by Prego

Prego has been a trusted brand of pasta sauce for years, and their “Italian Style” sauce is one of their most popular items. Although Prego claims this tomato sauce is a healthy choice, the truth of the matter is that this hearty sauce (marinara sauce is synonymous with healthy eating, after all) contains about 10 grams of sugar. Prego adds sugar to their sauce to combat the acidity of the tomatoes; instead of picking up this sugary sauce, take a look at the sugar count on rival brands.

Cranberry Juice Cocktail by Ocean Spray

Many healthy conscious shoppers are looking to cranberry juice as their number one fruit juice of choice, but Ocean Spray’s Cranberry Juice Cocktail should not be on the list. In fact, avoid any juice that is labeled as a “cocktail” as they contain much more sugar than a real juice; Ocean Spray’s cocktail contains as much sugar as a can of cola.

Fat Free Cottage Cheese by Breakstone

Although cottage cheese is indeed healthy, Breakstone’s version contains over 400mg of sodium. Think of it this way: a single serving of Breakstone’s cottage cheese is equal to 2 1/2 bags of potato chips. Breakstone adds tons of salt to their recipe in order to give cottage cheese that curd texture.

Movie Theater Popcorn

Popcorn is supposed to be a healthy alternative to potato chips, but at the movie theater, the popcorn is not a very healthy choice. Supplied by Regal in the United States, the average box of popcorn contains 60 grams of saturated fat coupled with over 1,200 calories. To put that in perspective, that’s equal to five Whoppers from Burger King. Unlike the popcorn you throw in your microwave, Regal uses heavy oils in while popping and then they add a heaping helping of artificial butter. Avoid if you can.

Premium Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken from McDonald’s

Just because it’s a salad doesn’t mean it’s healthy, regardless of what McDonald’s tries to tell us. Many people select this salad instead of a burger and then feel as if they have eaten healthy for the day. The truth: the Premium Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken contains almost 900mg of sodium, which is over half of your daily limit. Add to that the salad dressing and you’ve added yet another 500mg of sodium; definitely not a healthy choice.

5 “Health Foods” That Lie
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