5 Herbs to Battle the Cold and Flu
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5 Herbs to Battle the Cold and Flu

Earlier this week the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration released their forecast for the rest of the winter, and guess what? That’s right; the United States and Canada are going to be hit with nasty cold periods and equal amounts of hot days. This is a recipe for the common cold or even worse, the flu. To avoid the flu and cold, many people turn to modern medicine; they hit the pharmacy or rush to a Canadian pharmacy online and load up on everything needed. But if you are interested in natural remedies, these five herbs may just be for you.

Licorice root

Licorice root contains a powerful antiviral compound called glycyrrhizin that is strong enough to stop the flu in its tracks. In fact, the power of glycyrrhizin in licorice root is strong enough to even stop the avian flu or even battle SARS and HIV. Licorice root is available in supplement form or as a tea as well, just make sure there is real licorice root in the ingredients.


Thyme is an excellent tool to combat the symptoms of the common cold or flu by making it easier for you to have a productive cough. Many people when suffering from the common cold or the flu will complain that they can’t get anything out of their coughs. They need to cough but nothing is made better afterwards. But with thyme, you will be able to clear your throat effectively. Try brewing tea with thyme or even tossing some loose leaves into your bath.


Elderberries, or the extract of elderberries, help you to get over your cold or flu a lot faster than normal. In fact, by having elderberry extract, you can shorten the length of your sickness by as much as four days. And what’s more, elderberry extract has been proven to fight ten different strands of the flu virus. Elderberry extract is available as a supplement, specifically Sambucol, which most scientific trials used.


Not just to ward off vampires anymore, garlic is an effective preventer of the common cold or the flu. This is because garlic boosts your immune system, making it easier for your body to fight off the virus before it infects you. Although tossing some garlic into your daily diet will work just fine, garlic is also available in supplement form is you don’t like the taste or smell. To give it a more pleasant taste, try mixing a clove of garlic with some honey to make it sweeter.


No healthy herbs list is complete with the inclusion of Echinacea. Echinacea will indeed help prevent your body from falling victim to the flu or the common cold, especially if you double it up with some garlic. However, Echinacea is absolutely useless in helping you if you do pick up a virus. Another negative of Echinacea’s popularity is that many products don’t tell you how much there is. For best results, try to find an Echinacea supplement that contains over one thousand milligrams, and take it three times a day. Avoid Echinacea is you are allergic to pollen and ragweed, just to be safe.

5 Herbs to Battle the Cold and Flu
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