5 Important Facts about Fat Loss through Carb Cycling
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5 Important Facts about Fat Loss through Carb Cycling

A Method for the Strong and Dedicated

Many people want to lose weight, and diets based on carb cycling are becoming more and more popular. Since this is a complicated nutrition plan, one should do extensive research on the matter before trying this method for getting rid of excess fat.

This type of diet involves the alternation of days when the level of carbohydrates one consumes is higher with days when it will be lower. Especially because of the fact that it combines the two ways of feeding the body what it needs, many people tend to prefer it when it comes to weight loss.

Even so, before starting such a diet, you should be well informed about what carb cycling means. Following are a few important facts regarding the matter.

Water Weight Gain – A Possible Experience

The days with high carbohydrate levels will also bring some water weight gain. Therefore, with every gram of carbohydrates, about 4 grams of water are also added. Even so, this does not imply that you will gain more fat, and you will see that the water actually disappears on lower carbohydrate days.

Respect the Calorie Target Level

It is important to maintain the calorie level intake that you have as a target in order to lose the desired amount of excess fat. It is also essential to keep a balance between low carb level days and higher ones and to respect a certain weekly calorie intake in order to see the effects of the diet.

Complex Carbs and High Glucose Carbohydrates

Glucose is very important in carb cycling fat loss diets. A certain amount of glucose intake is necessary, and at the same time you need to avoid fructose, because there is a risk of the organism transforming the latter into body fat. In conclusion, make sure to provide your body with the right amount of glucose in order to make the diet work.

Associating Heavy Training Days with High Carb Days – A Perfect Combination

If you decide to try this weight loss method, make sure to combine high carb level days with the days when your workout will be more intense. The purpose of this association is to give the body strength to resist those training days. Since you will need a lot of energy to handle the effort, the high level of carbohydrates that you consume will effectively “feed” your body with all that it needs.

Lower Fat Intake on High Carb Days – Be in Control All the Time5 Important Facts about Fat Loss through Carb Cycling

The carb cycling diet involves a general decrease of fat intake. This will allow the carbohydrates you consume to be more effective, and it will also control calorie levels. Make sure to balance all these factors in order to avoid canceling the positive effects of the diet.

Perhaps the most important difference between the carb cycling fat loss method and other diets is the amount of time you need to dedicate to planning every step in part. This may be considered a superior and complicated diet, but the fact is that, with commitment and discipline, it is not that hard to follow, and it will faithfully deliver the expected results.

5 Important Facts about Fat Loss through Carb Cycling
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