5 Ways to Get Rid of Bad Breath
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5 Ways to Get Rid of Bad Breath

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Do you shy away from talking to people when they are standing inches away? Do you hold your hand in front of your mouth when you whisper a secret to a friend? Do you keep a pack of mints or chewing gum with you at all times? Bad breath scares a lot of people and prevents us from getting close.

Even if you brush your teeth, use mouth wash, and chew on gum all day long, that garlic-filled lunch you just ate may just make your breath a little stinky. To prevent bad breath, here are five natural remedies.

Aloe vera

When you brush your teeth, choose a toothpaste brand that isn’t just minty, but also contains aloe vera. This is because aloe vera actually kills the bacteria and germs that cause bad breath in the first place. And what’s more is that aloe vera, according to recent studies, can help rebuild damaged cells in your body, making it not just helpful for your mouth’s odor, but for your whole body’s health.

Natural peppermint

We all know that peppermint is a great tool to fight against bad breath. Gum, mints, and toothpaste all come in peppermint flavor. But to get the most out of peppermint, you may want to try to make your own mouthwash by using natural peppermint oil. Peppermint oil is a natural antibacterial, killing all of those odor causing germs and fungi that may plague your pie-hole. This could be as simple as mixing one drop of peppermint oil with a glass of water and swirling it around your mouth like a mouthwash.

Baking soda

Although the taste is terrible, putting a little bit of baking soda on your toothbrush before brushing can kill all the germs in your mouth. Not only should you brush your teeth with baking soda, but you should also focus your toothbrush on the back of your tongue. This is where all of the bacteria that cause bad breath hang out. Baking soda is a heavy alkaline which will destroy all of those acid toxins hanging around in your mouth.

Don’t forget to drink water

Water will help prevent bad breath by sweeping away all those pesky germs and bacteria. Keeping your mouth nice and hydrated will prevent the germs from setting up shop in your mouth. Drinking water regularly will keep your mouth feeling fresh. This is because dry mouth is a common cause of stinky breath since bacteria can multiply without being interrupted.

Blow your nose

Surprisingly, your bad breath problem may be a direct result of your sinus troubles. This is because the mucus in your sinuses will spill over into your mouth, even if you don’t notice it. To prevent bad breath, you may want to blow your nose a little more often, or get yourself a nasal spray. If you feel your sinuses getting clogged, get on a decongestant as quickly as possible.

All of these will prevent bad breath, but to stay on the safe side, keep a pack of gum or mints on you, just to make sure!

5 Ways to Get Rid of Bad Breath
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