5 Ways To Take Control Of Your Health

5 Ways To Take Control Of Your Health

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There are dozens of different ways that a person can improve their health on any given day. Health magazines might recommend a complete diet overall, frequent fitness classes and a range of supplements that can take your health from poor or average all the way to extraordinary. However, not everyone is willing to make dozens of changes for their health. If you want to take control of your health then consider making a few key changes that will truly make a difference in your overall fitness and wellness. Here are five ways to improve your health on a regular basis:

1. Reduce or Eliminate Your Smoking Habit

Smoking is one of the biggest causes of fatal diseases in adults. Perhaps the biggest change you can make in your health is to eliminate cigarette or cigar smoking. If smoking is a regular part of your life and the change seems too drastic to implement, focus on smaller changes by reducing your habit over time. Possible helpful ways to quit smoking are nicotine patches, nicotine gums and candies, hypnosis, prescription medications or even support groups.

2. Increase Physical Activity

Physical fitness is an important element to a person’s overall health. Cardiovascular fitness is gained through activities like running, brisk walking, cycling and dancing. This type of exercise is the best way to burn calories and improve heart and lung health drastically in just a few short weeks. It is not necessary to work out every day to see improvements, as just three times a week will net your body great benefits. Resistance or strength training is another element to physical fitness that can produce more lean muscle mass and protect your bones as you age.

3. Have a Routine Physical

Many adults believe that they are in great health but refuse to visit a doctor unless there is some kind of medical emergency. In reality, visiting a physician for a routine physical is the best way to find out how you are doing when it comes to blood pressure, heart health, weight, the digestive system and so much more. Try to visit the doctor at least once each year for full physical and organ function tests in order to prevent any diseases or diagnose any changes in your health. This is especially important as you age and your risks for certain illnesses and health issues increase over time.

4. Enjoy a Varied Diet

People struggle with understanding what makes up a healthy diet and how many calories need to be derived from things like protein, fat or carbohydrates. There are far too many fad diets that focus on eating or avoiding certain ingredients. The healthiest way to get a range of vitamins and minerals in your diet is to eat a variety of foods. Include colorful produce, lean protein sources, poly or monounsaturated fats and whole carbohydrates into your daily meal plan for a healthy body.

5. Maintain a Healthy Weight

Determine your ideal body weight by using a standard chart or online calculator for body mass index. By maintaining this healthy weight for your height, gender and body shape you can have the best chance for a long and healthy life. Obesity, morbid obesity and even being underweight can put your body at greater risks for illness.

By taking these five steps to make a healthy difference in your life, you can expect to look and feel better in a matter of weeks. Commit to the changes, and then it will become routine.  Living healthy doesn’t have to be a challenge anymore.

5 Ways To Take Control Of Your Health
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