8 Reasons To Kick The Cigs To The Curb
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8 Reasons to Kick the Cigs to the Curb

As if the health concerns weren’t enough incentive to quit smoking, there are still plenty of smokers in the United States today. Although the number of smokers is decreasing, it is still surprising to see teenagers picking up the cancer stick habit. But for those that still aren’t convinced to quit smoking, here are eight great reasons why you should butt out today without any more excuses.

1. Taxes will continue to go up

In some states (and provinces north of the border) the taxes on cigarettes have increased steadily over the past decade and there is no end in sight. If you are already sick of coughing up (pun intended) cash to support your filthy habit, you are bound to be even angrier in a year or two. Expect cigarettes to cost well over $10 in the near future.

2. You’ll realize how bad cigarette smoke actually smells

Many smokers who finally kick the habit find it quite shocking (and often amusing) that the smell of smoke is actually much worse when you are not a smoker. You will then share that wonderful point of view and look scornfully at smokers as they stink up a room.

3. Keep the bedroom business booming

You probably already know this, but smoking can severely affect your sex drive and even performance. There is a direct relationship between tobacco and impotence, so men if you don’t want to say “I’m sorry, this has never happened to me” then you best toss the pack now.

4. Get a better night’s sleep

According to recent research, smokers are four times more likely to have a restless sleep compared to their clean counterparts. Apparently you go through nicotine withdrawal every night, making you feel less rested.

5. Makes a great excuse to play more video games

By picking up the game controller and playing a few hours of Xbox or Playstation is thought to be a successful tactic to distract you from smoking. If your wife complains, just tell her it is part of your stop smoking program and that you need it; it’s therapeutic!

6. Keep your hearing

It is unclear how the two are related, but according to recent studies, smokers are 70 percent more likely to have hearing loss than non-smokers. So, if you would like to continue listening to your favorite tunes, find a lollipop.

7. You’ll have less chance of getting frostbite

If you live in the south, this may not apply, but for those who love winter sports and activities, butting out will lower your chances of getting frostbite. This is because smoking decreases your blood circulation, which increases your chances of having your appendages turn blue.

8. You’re less likely to burn down your house

Smokers are nearly seven times more likely to burn down their house than non-smokers; in fact 55 percent of all house fires with fatalities have cigarettes involved. Whether you’re smoking in bed and forget about it, or if  you just can’t butt out a cigarette properly, if you want to keep your stuff from becoming charred beyond recognition, maybe it’s time to put down the pack.

8 Reasons to Kick the Cigs to the Curb
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