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8 Tips About How to Lose Belly Fat Without Exercise

Too good to be true? I say, it’s not impossible! Losing the belly fat without exercise naturally does not mean to either eat less or eat nothing or take diet pills and supplements plus extreme exercise routines. Let’s get back to basics. Let’s start from determining what contributes to the belly fat: stress and unhealthy food.

It’s time to discipline oneself, eat healthy, live a stress-free life and stay active.

1. Water

Sodas and soft drinks even diet drinks compromise our goal to stay slim. They even compromise our overall health. Fresh fruit juices and other healthy drinks have calories on them. Water is calorie-free. Drinking water only will loose that belly fat. It even speeds up you metabolism and flush out toxins that contribute to unwanted weight. You can add flavor (such as lemon drops or mint leaves) to your water if you don’t want the plain taste.

2. Eat vegetables and stay away from starchy foods

Eat vegetables and stay away from starchy foods

If you want to lose that belly fat fast, avoid eating starchy foods like pizza, white breads, pasta and burgers. Aside from the fact that these foods cause bloating, the simple carbohydrates of starchy foods are easily digested, thus, making you hungry again after a few minutes. Instead, eat foods that has complex carbohydrates like vegetables. They even have fiber that’s good for digestion. Vegetables flush out excess water and they have plenty of vitamins and nutrients that are needed by your body. Moreover, complex carbohydrate make your stomach feel full longer.

3. Be active

Be active

Perhaps, you thought that rendering countless hours in the gym and doing rigorous exercise routines is the shortcut to loose fat belly in a week. Wrong! As long you are active and you keep moving, you can loose that extra weight. Any thirty-minute cardio activities such as brisk walking, swimming, dancing and the like will do. Using the stairs instead of the elevator is also a great practice. If your day job is sedentary, you can take a few breaks and go for a walk. Keep an active lifestyle and burn the calories!

4. Be stress free and get complete hours of sleep

Be stress free and get complete hours of sleep

Some people burn fat when they’re stressed out. Unfortunately, it does not happen to everybody. Some people fight stress by making you fat. Cortisol, one of the stress hormones, are released in our body when we’re stressed. It stimulates fat and carbohydrate metabolism and insulin release. Consequently, all these cortisol-related response would increase food intake, thus, making you feel hungry. In addition, according to experts, cortisol specifically adds the unwanted weight in the abdomen area. Abdomen fat is often referred as a toxic fat due to a high level of cortisol. One of the things that can boost cortisol level in our body is when we are lacking sleep. If you are short of sleep or sleeping too late in the evening or after midnight, your brain will think your stressed and will release cortisol levels to combat it. Be stress free, go to bed early and get complete hours of sleep.

5. Keep yourself away from temptations

Keep yourself away from temptationsYou now have basic steps on how to lose weight, be persistent in doing it. Be serious in your goal to lose that tummy fat in one week. Keep yourself away from temptations such as chips, pasta, sodas, fast foods and other unhealthy foods. In times when your friends are eating such foods, just remember your weight loss goal. Keep in mind that losing weight in one week requires a strong will to make it happen.

6. Munch on negative calorie foods

Munch on negative calorie foods

For starters, it is valuable to know that 5-15 percent of calories of the food we eat are burned in digestion. The energy used to breakdown fats, carbohydrates and other nutrients is the same energy required to absorb the proteins in our body. There are foods that require more food energy to be digested than it provide. These foods burn more calories in chewing and digestion process which are called negative calorie foods. Eating such foods create calorie-deficit in the body and can help you lose weight.

7. Try a detox diet

Try a detox diet

While detox is primarily thought of as a treatment for alcohol or drug dependence, the term is also used to refer to a program of diet that contains only fruits, herbs, vegetables and detox water. Detox diet aims to flush out toxins in our body and helps you reduce your weight. Though detox diets are short term, for your safety consult your medical practitioner if you’re considering a detox diet.

8. Try green tea and lemon diet

Try green tea and lemon dietGreen tea has antioxidants present in it. Aside from the health benefits from green tea, it can help you lose weight. Drinking it with lemon will help melt that belly fat. As mentioned earlier, drinking watercan help you lose weight. Adding lemon in your water has detoxifying effect and it can even reduce your hunger cravings.

The trick is doing all the things listed here and not picking the things you like doing. For example, you’re drinking lots of water (even if there’s lemon it in) and still eating starchy foods. Likewise, a daily 30-minute workout will not workout if you’re still living a stressed life. This list seems to be more of the basic steps on how to lose weight but when combined with determination and discipline, you are bound to see good results.

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