A Good Pump Versus A Good Workout
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A Good Pump Versus A Good Workout

For bodybuilders, it has become notoriety the fact that pumping up gives you the look of someone who has up to 20 pounds of muscle mass. The raw feeling of muscles being drained with fluids and blood, while the veins are clearly seen is simply worthwhile.

While pumping the muscles, expansion occurs and thus a mass gain. Lighter weights raise the efficiency of fluids flow into the muscles, enabling more volume and space, materialized in the growth of the muscles.

But the “pump” is not the result of a workout alone. Another significant role besides the training is the supplementation and the nutrition. Carbohydrates are the key elements, but only when forming a partnership with water drinking.

The importance of the supplements is given by the fact that they provide a dynamic fluid flow towards the muscles.

The Pump Workout

During pump trainings the focus of one session is only on one, maybe two parts of the body. These parts should only be trained once a week, but with many repetitions and several sets. Isolation of the movements has an important role because it keeps the tension at a constant level. The pause between sets should only be of a few minutes, depending on the protocol.A Good Pump Versus A Good Workout

The Pump Diet

For a maximum effect in pumping, the muscles should get as much water or fluid in general as possible. Muscles are more than half water, so this is what helps them grow. Carbohydrates help drawing water into the muscles. This is why your diet should include enough of them. What and when you eat is a very important matter even in “pumping”. Carbohydrates should be eaten before the workout and fats should be avoided. There should be some differences in alimentation given by whether it is a workout day or not. A better control of the fluids flow into and out of the muscles gets to better pumps.

Nevertheless, getting a pump does not necessarily mean that the workout is the best. Obtaining a pump easily is the way our body tells us we are good to train, which means we are in a state in which our cells are properly hydrated- the anabolic state. Getting a pump is as easy as doing 50 push-ups, but they will not build your muscle, nor will it mean that you are doing a great workout.

Though pumps are sometimes a sign of an excellent workout, they say you are prepared to build a mass of muscles. If you want to know whether you had a good workout, there are other signs to tell you that:

  • Feel the muscles you were using. They feel differently and tired: for example biceps are curling in the upper arms.

  • The muscles should feel full and hard

  • You should feel hungry, but not like you could eat a bear- this is a sign of over exercising

  • A trembling muscle is a sign of fat burning and challenge

  • Your mind should feel more relaxed


A Good Pump Versus A Good Workout
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