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Aaron Rodgers is eyeing off a football career into his 40’s and ensures the Aaron Rodgers workout continues to evolve to support this ambition. He’s interested in longevity and counts legendary player Tom Brady as one of his inspirations. Tom helpfully gave him a copy of his book to provide a few pointers. Whilst Aaron doesn’t necessarily follow the TB12 philosophy religiously, he does incorporate enough of it to have seen some major improvements.

Aaron Rodgers Workout Plus Tom Brady Concepts Equals More Dangerous

Aaron Rodgers WorkoutFor example, he considers his improved approach to diet is one of the reasons he’s playing, and feeling, as good as ever. Although he hasn’t completely dropped the nightshade family from his diet like Tom has. Nor is he a big fan of the avocado ice cream. But he has significantly reduced his sugar intake and feels a lot better for it.

His old nagging knee injury for example is nowhere near as painful as it used to be. There are also a lot of meals with raw stuff and 5 ingredients or less. The simpler the better. He’s also implemented a few of the training tips in TB’s book. TB you will recall has a thing about muscle pliability.

Other key components in an Aaron Rodgers workout include routines that build up a strong core. This allows him to maximize his on field performance. Exercises that do this effectively include ones that involve unilateral cross body movements. That’s things like high pulls, one arm overhead presses, push ups, weighted sit ups and shoulder taps. Anything that works on the X pattern bodies naturally work in.

Unilateral Cross Body Exercises important In An Aaron Rodgers Workout

Aaron Rodgers Workout - 2For hamstring and core work he focuses on unilateral exercises. These are exercises that work one limb at a time. It’s an excellent way of ensuring that each limb performs at the same capacity. That in turn vastly improves core balance. In fact unilateral exercises will show up unevenness in limb strengths very quickly. Some of the exercises he does here are single-leg Romanian dead lifts, battle ropes, bent-knee hamstring stretches, medicine ball throws and so on. Each one targets a limb or group of muscles individually. Then it’s on to the whole body workouts to finish up his training routine.

It seems that Aaron Rodgers Workout Supplements (as we like to refer to them) are entirely legal. There is nothing sinister about them in any way.

Sure, Aaron Rodgers does work out like crazy but it’s this secret addition to his daily menu that appears to be aiding him in maintaining the power and strength he requires to remain at the very top of his game. Here is the account of our findings about the Aaron Rodgers Muscle Supplements ….

To be continued …

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