Ab Exercises For Women
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Ab Exercises For Women

For some reason we have come to allow the idea of a sexy and muscular body to be stolen away by the men folk. But it’s true that if you ever bring up the concept of “sexy abs”, the image of that hunky weightlifter type with a washboard stomach comes to mind. But we are here to tell you something that you already know. Women can tone and exercise their abdominal muscles with results that are just as exciting and, well, sexy, as any “pretty boy” out there.

Well defined abs not only make you look great but they are the foundation of a solid approach to health and fitness that builds you up from the inside out. The abdominal muscles are part of that “core” group of muscle systems that is crucial to a strong inner you. By building and maintaining a solid exercise program that focuses on the abs, you are giving your body the strength to handle life’s daily demands without pain or physical stress. And those strong and well defined abs will do wonders for your posture which is the foundation of a great look that is healthy and plenty sexy.

It’s a myth that ab exercises for women have to be complicated, difficult to do or time consuming. With only the basics of equipment you can put together an exercise program that includes ab exercises for women that will not only give you the tone you want to look great but build internal muscle strength that will serve you throughout life.

So the first step of stealing back sexy abs from the men is not to believe the myths that women cannot have firm and well defined abs and that you won’t look great once you do. You can and you will look terrific when your abs start to take shape.

You may have seen exercise balls on workout shows or at the gym. They are little more than huge plastic balls made of sturdy materials so they can support you for all kinds of workout programs. If you have not added a workout ball to your selection of home based exercise equipment, run, don’t walk and buy one this week.

There are numerous ab exercises for women that can be performed with this simple and fun piece of equipment in your own living room. One of the best is a crunch you will do by laying back on the ball. Simply sit on the ball and then roll it down until you are laying on it face up with the ball in the middle of your back. Move it as far up your back as you can comfortably go, supporting yourself on the exercise ball and your bent legs with your feet planted firmly on the floor.

Once you are in position, perform the typical crunch maneuvers using the hip and ab muscles to curl and then release. You can also do pelvis thrusts in this same position and feel the effect of that workout happening in your abs as you repeat the thrusts or the crunches.

There are a number of great ab exercises that you can add to your exercise routines. It’s always good to build as big a variety as possible for any focused muscle group exercise to keep you from getting bored and because each one brings a new slant to working out your abs.

Many great ab exercises require no equipment at all. You can lay on your back and use a simple elbow to knee crunch on each side of the body and feel those ab muscles tightening up. Use our beginner suggestions to start your catalog of great workout exercises to build and tone those abs. Before long you will see your tummy area flatten and tone up which will accent your “girlish figure” and make you feel great too. And that is just the kind of one two punch you want from an exercise program.

Ab Exercises For Women
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