The Acid Alkaline Balance Diet
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The Acid Alkaline Balance Diet


Do you want to be like the Energizer Bunny?  Nobody outlasts that bunny.  Know why?  Because the Energizer Bunny runs on alkaline energy.

The enhanced energy and mental clarity that comes from eating an alkaline diet pales in comparison to the main reason we should all become familiar with the concept.  Dr. Robert O. Young, who wrote the ground-breaking book, The PH Miracle, makes a very bold and revolutionary statement with regards to health and diet.  He suggests that there “is only one sickness and one disease which is caused by over-acidification of the blood and then tissues due to an inverted way of living, eating and thinking”.

No matter how the disease may manifest, what Dr. Young is saying is the root cause of this illness is the over-acidification of our bodies. The science, in brief, goes like this: Just like our body temperature is kept within a very strict range, our blood’s pH must be maintained at 7.635 in order for us to be healthy.  Our bodies will do “whatever is necessary” to maintain this delicate balance, including taking calcium from our bones in order to neutralize excess acid.

Another thing your body will do is to store excess acid as fat!  Guess what? Your fat could be saving your life! You see, if you are overweight or even have some excess fat, you don’t have a fat problem, you have an acid problem! Remember, the blood must be maintained within a very narrow range 7.20-7.40 for the body to function effectively.  It took a microbiologist, studying the live blood of numerous patients, in order to make this revolutionary discovery.  By doing live blood analysis, Dr. Young was able to identify what healthy blood looks like as well as the devastating effects of blood that is overly acidic.

You might ask what if you are not fat, can you still be over-acidic?  Yes.  If your diet consists of acid foods, and you have health concerns, chances are you are overly acidic.  So where is the excess acid that your body must get rid of?  The answer is perhaps Dr. Young’s greatest contribution to our understanding of health:

“Dr. Young’s work on excess blood sugar being taken up by the connective tissue and degrading that tissue resulting in premature aging, sagging skin, weak joints, loose teeth, and dozens of other serious conditions resulting from the progressive loss of connective tissue is a real scientific breakthrough. This real breakthrough should be trumpeted from the rooftops. If proven it is Nobel work.”  John Baird (Sr. VP, Chief Legal Officer, Director of Corporate Affairs pH Miracle Center)

By the way, sugar equals acid.

I recommend reading his book, The PH Miracle, or get an excellent course put out by a follower of the teachings of Dr. Young and others. This program really simplifies this lifestyle into a very doable format and presents the material in a way that is very easy to understand.

The only question which remains is: do you really want to say goodbye to low energy, poor digestion, excess fat, aches and pains and disease or dis-ease as Dr. Young would put it?

The Acid Alkaline Balance Diet
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