Activities that lower your Stress Levels
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Activities that lower your Stress Levels

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Stress causes weight gain and makes losing weight doubly hard. Researchers can measure a person’s cortisol-stress-levels through a simple saliva test. Some activities are better than others for lowering stress. The verdict: Watching television doesn’t lower cortisol levels, but yoga does.

In the following list, you’ll find activities that lower your stress levels. You’re certain to find one or two that work for you during stressful times. They’ll lift your moods and make you forget you ever considered a cookie binge.

Get in Water

Take a bath, take a shower, get in the hot tub, or go swimming. It warms up every pore on your body’s largest organ, the skin, and relaxes the muscles.

Get Warm

When physically chilled or cold, we’re likely to eat more starches. Don’t add pounds in winter to get warmer. Instead, wear warm clothes, put on your flannel PJs, get under the down comforter, and sip on a cup of warm herbal or decaffeinated tea.

Get in the Sunshine

You need 20 minutes of sunlight a day to elevate your mood and help your hormones work ideally. If you live in cloudy or northern parts of the country, consider purchasing a Light Box to give you bright rays in rain, snow, or clouds. For your 20 minutes of sun therapy a day, don’t wear your sunglasses. Your eyes need the light to boost hormonal activity and elevate your moods. Of course, never look directly at the sun; instead, simply sit, walk, garden, or relax.

Dry Brush Your Body

Purchase a natural-bristle from the drugstore or a discount store. With long strokes, dry brush your body. It lifts your mood, feels great, and helps to detox the body. Dry brush before you shower in the morning or at any time of day when you feel a need to de-stress.

Brush Your Hair

To brush your hair, bend over from the waist and brush so that you can feel the bristles on your scalp. Brush enthusiastically for a minute or so and then stand up. Your scalp will tingle as though you are massaging your brain chemicals directly.

The Back Roller Rolls Away Your Stress

Our favorite back roller is made of wood and looks like a rolling pin with waves in it. The waves correspond to your spine and to the erector muscles on either side of your spine. Use as directed. Within 15 minutes, you’ll be relaxed and detoxed with your spine properly aligned.

Have a Ball on a Ball

Body rolling is incomparable for deep muscle relaxation and realignment. We love body rolling first for relaxation.

Sing Away Your Stress

Sing along with your favorite tunes and you’ll smile away your worries. A good voice is optional!

Hobbies, Games, and Unstressful Sports

Hobbies and games that allow us to focus on something enjoyable to us will lower stress.

Exercise Regularly

Almost any form of exercise will lower your stress, which makes exercise a doubly effective way to lose weight.


Activities that lower your Stress Levels
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