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Alcoholic Beverages and Dieting

People are always asking whether alcoholic beverages, especially wine, help or hinder weight loss. Certainly alcohol isn’t essential to losing weight, but the question is: Does it make it harder? The jury’s out.

A Glass of Wine with Dinner?

Alcoholic beverages can be a mixed blessing when you want to lose weight. Here’s what the research tells us:

  • The appetite-stimulating effects of even one glass of alcohol – wine, beer, or hard liquor can last up to one week. Not only could you overeat at the meal, but you could overeat at every meal for a week.
  • Alcohol contain calories and the human body doesn’t register appetite satisfaction from liquid calories, only from chewed food. So your natural “stomach-satisfaction” gauge ignores any liquid calories, which could cause you to take in too much fuel.
  • Some people experience these effects more than others, some not at all.
  • Alcohol is acidic, and can help to lower the glycemic impact of a meal by one-third. This is good, as it can prevent fat-storage.
  • Alcohol can prevent deep sleep, which can cause weight gain.

What to Do

Be cautious when you use alcoholic beverages and notice impartially what effect it has on you and your body. Then either enjoy a glass of wine with dinner, or not.

Alcoholic Beverages and Dieting
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