Alkaline Diet for Longer Lasting Bones
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Alkaline Diet for Longer Lasting Bones

Diet Tips and Diet PlansHaving an acid alkaline diet simply means having food that is low in acid and high in alkali. Basically, a 20:80 or 25:75 ratio. Food sources that are full of bicarbonate and potassium content are regarded as alkali food. The problem is, modern diets of the Western world do not contain enough bicarbonate and potassium. The scientific paperwork implies that by eating food rich in alkaline, bones remain healthy and that produces a positive struggle with osteoporosis. The alkaline acid diet is a new science marvel.

USA, at present has an approximately 10 million residents suffering from osteoporosis. Furthermore, about 34 million have been put at an increased risk with low bone mass. More than $20 billion approximated cost has been associated with this disease. The process wherein the bone is broken down, called resorption, may be prevented if people will have an acid alkaline diet.  Both the advantageous results on personal health as well as the extreme decrease on osteoporosis expenses will be reached if an acid alkaline diet is pursued.

Early humans are said to have consumed food that is very much different from the western diet of today. Sodium intake is 600 mg/day and the potassium intake is 7000 mg/day during the pre-agricultural days. A big variation is quite evident today with the potassium intake only at 2500 mg/ day and the sodium at a whooping 4000 mg/day. Our elders do not even know that they have already been doing an acid alkaline diet. The acid alkaline diet has already helped a ton of people.

Acid alkaline diet is actually what most individuals take to mean healthy eating. Intake of sugar, meat, breads, preservatives and dairy meant having an acid diet. Today, a Westerner typically has an acid diet regimen. Eating more vegetables as well as consuming about 10 daily servings of an acid alkaline diet prove to give good health effects. People will no doubt believe that eating vegetables will result to good health even if there is no scientific proof of the acid alkaline diet. There really is though a lot of support for the acid alkaline diet.

Acid alkaline diet proof

The New England Journal of Medicine findings showed that a 25% reduction on the amount of urinary calcium excretion was reached due to the intake of more vegetables and fruits and less snacks and sweets, much like an acid alkaline diet. More calcium is conserved for bone retention as allowed by the acid alkaline diet is shown by one theory.

Acid alkaline diet rationale

Generally, the Western diet is characterized by an acidic effect on the body as a whole. An acid alkaline diet is the best option to attempt the lessening and reduce the effect of the acid diet. Due to this, balance can be regained and health benefits can be acquired.Mentioned in the preceding discussions are the positive effects on bone health of the acid alkaline diet.

Acid alkaline diet caution

The positive effects of the alkali contents of fruits and vegetables is not 100% proven to head towards bone retention. Other present nutrients may be responsible. What is vital to me is not whether the acid alkaline diet is advantageous because of the fruits and vegetables’ alkaline content or their further nutritional values. Great effects on health have been proven to have been caused by food championed by acid alkaline diet. That fact has made me shift away from an acid diet to that of an acid alkaline diet instead.

Alkaline Diet for Longer Lasting Bones
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