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What does an Alvin Kamara workout and training draft horses for pulling competitions have in common? You may have seen a draft horse pulling competition at some point and wondered how they train the horses to pull those heavily weighted sleds. One way is hitching them up to a vehicle and getting them to pull that around. Preferably with the handbrake on. Sure, it wears out the tires but it also builds up muscle strength in the horses. So, back to our opening question about Alvin Kamara and his workout routine. What does that have in common with training pulling horses?

Bizarre Take On The Farmers Walk Or Just A Normal Alvin Kamara Workout Session

Alvin Kamara Workout - 2When Alvin posted a video on social media of himself pulling a jeep around no one quite knew how to take it. He was also carrying 180lbs of plates plus the weight of the rack at the same time. Farmer’s walk with a twist or just Alvin trying something new?

The farmer’s walk is a renowned exercise for building up back and shoulder muscles whilst developing lung capacity. Theoretically that probably means most farmers should therefore be built like pro-athletes! Alvin’s version of the exercise however certainly brings a completely new twist to an oldie.

There’s no doubt that Alvin Kamara hit the world of NFL with a bang in his rookie season. Interestingly enough given his talents he wasn’t picked until the 3rd round of the 2017 draft. Third time lucky for the Saints? They’re almost certainly thanking their lucky stars they didn’t overlook him again. It turned out to be very much their gain and everyone else’s loss.

Alvin Kamara Workout Adding Strength To Body Control And Balance

Alvin Kamara Workout - 3In his rookie season Alvin proved himself to be an almost unbeatable running back. The guy literally can’t be stopped. He ploughs through opposition defence lines like a surfer running through waves. Even the roughest of tackles from the biggest and heaviest of opponents doesn’t slow him down any.

One of the secrets to his success, apart from his interesting Alvin Kamara workout routines, is the way he uses his feet. Pundits note that players who can keep their feet firmly grounded absorb a lot more impact than those who get hit midair. It has a lot to do with being able to use the ground as a leverage point to increase body control and core strength.

Body control and core balance is something Alvin possesses in spades. Combined with that ability to keep his feet on the ground when tackled, it’s produced the slipperiest running back in the NFL. And now the 2017 Defensive Rookie Of The Year is adding brute strength to the mix!

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To be continued …

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