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Antonio Brown Supplements – do they really exist?

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown is proof that not even athletic ability will get you into university if you have academic and behavioral issues! Upon leaving high school, the football and track star was refused entry to Florida State University on academic grounds. He subsequently applied to Alcorn State and was again knocked back.

Antonio Brown - 2He then approached North Carolina Tech Prep and it was 3rd time lucky. He completed one season at the Tech before being offered a scholarship to Florida International University. However an argument with security saw him expelled before term started.

And that may have been the end of his football career had he not remembered the wide receivers’ coach who had supported him in the past. Upon learning that the coach was now at Central Michigan, Antonio enrolled there as a walk-on freshman.

This allowed him to finally start his college football career. But he had to transition from quarterback to wide receiver to do so. Fortunately this was something he did find relatively easy to do. Not so easy was adjusting to life as a college student!

Antonio Brown Supplements – Have They Helped Him Get Where He Has?

Antonio’s first season with Central Michigan saw him take out Mid-American Conference Freshman of the Year. He followed it up with 2 more successful seasons in 2008 and 2009. But in 2010 he decided to cut short his college days and enter the 2010 NFL Draft. However, as each round went by and he still hadn’t been picked, he must have wondered if he’d done the right thing!

Antonio Brown - 3Eventually in the 6th round at #195 he was picked up by the Pittsburgh Steelers. Symbolically he decided to wear jersey number 84. As he explains it – Thirty-two teams, including the Steelers first time round, passed him up. Eight by four equals 32. So the number provides him with the incentive to get out there and prove them all wrong!

And prove them wrong is exactly what he has done. It was Antonio who was instrumental in setting up the play that defeated the NY Jets and advanced the Steelers to Super Bowl XLV. A Super Bowl appearance in their rookie season is not something a lot of players can brag about! Unfortunately they subsequently lost the Super Bowl to the Green Bay Packers.

At the start of the 2018 season, Antonio Brown achieved 10,000 receiving yards after 116 career games. Only one other player has done better. Calvin Johnson got there in 115 games.

Supporting Nutritional Supplements – Could They Be Antonio Brown Supplements?

Antonio is also a firm supporter of nutritional and muscle-building supplements. He attributes much of his current success to them. We wondered if these could be the Antonio Brown supplements everyone is talking about!

Our research has found Antonio Brown supplements (as we prefer to refer to them as) are legal and above board. There is nothing sinister about them in any way.

Yes Antonio Brown works out like mad but it is this top secret addition to his diet each day that seems to be assisting him with maintaining the strength and power he needs to remain at the very top of his game. Here is the account of our findings ….

To be continued …

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