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His trainer is on record as saying the Antonio Brown workout is creating an ‘unstoppable athlete’. The Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver, once considered not good enough to pick until the 6th round, is certainly making sure every one of those other 31 teams regrets their oversight! He has turned himself into a player most defensive backs fear. It’s a tactic that has paid dividends for the Steelers. With his help they made Super Bowl XLV in his rookie year.

AB has a ferocious dedication to training. He’s a pro footballer, he gets paid a lot of money and he knows he has a job to do. So he gets stuck in and does it. Whatever it takes to achieve peak performance and productivity. In his case that means producing the goods on the football field for his employer.

Long-Term Approach To Training Integral To The Antonio Brown Workout

Antonio Brown - 2However, where many players spend a lot of their training time pumping weights and building muscle, AB has a different philosophy. He’s approaching 30, which means he has to start thinking long-term thoughts.

Pumping heavy weights for the sake of it is not a particularly good long-term strategy. Not when you don’t need to be ‘that’ strong. After a while, joints begin to wear out causing injury and setting up an ideal environment for problems like arthritis. It’s something legends of the game like Tom Brady have also figured out. They’ve adapted their workouts and training philosophies accordingly, which is why they’re still playing even as they approach the half-century mark.

The Antonio Brown workout therefore focuses more on routines that use joint and muscle friendly equipment like bands. These types of exercises build functional muscle and core strength. They allow for a complete range of muscle movements, which improves overall muscle strength and flexibility.

The Antonio Brown Workout And Single-Limb Training

AB’s trainer is also a firm believer in unilateral training, which focuses on working one limb at a time. The advantages are obvious. Where multi-limb (bilateral) training can inadvertently allow muscles on one limb to become stronger than the same muscles on the opposite limb, unilateral training avoids this. It also exposes imbalances between limbs very quickly.

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Think about arm strength. A right-handed person naturally does more things with their right hand and arm. Therefore in many cases their right arm is stronger than their left as it does more work. This unconscious bias can carry over into bilateral training. If the right arm unwittingly shoulders more of the workload because it’s stronger and has better co-ordination, it’s going to remain stronger than the other arm.

However, when each arm is exercised separately the left arm can be made to do as much work as the right arm. Rinse and repeat with the legs. The end result is more symmetrical strength and better core balance. Which is exactly what Antonio Brown has, in spades!

It would appear that Antonio Brown Workout Supplements (as we like to refer to them) are entirely legitimate. There’s nothing sinister about them whatsoever .

Sure, Antonio Brown does work out like crazy but it is this secret addition to his diet each day that appears to be assisting him with maintaining the power and strength he needs to remain at the very top of his game. Here is the report on our findings about the Antonio Brown Muscle Supplements ….

To be continued …

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