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Are You a Happy Bodybuilder?

You have been practicing bodybuilding for some time now. You have increased, changed and created a body that others only dream about. Still, have you ever thought if you are doing things properly and healthy? Will your body remain like this for some time or will you start having problems? Is bodybuilding an obsession? Have you changed your friends simply because your old ones did not like who you are anymore?

Well, you should know that practicing a sport does not necessarily offer you the tranquility of being totally healthy.

Being Physically Healthy

It is usually very hard to accomplish a healthy looking body but more difficult to maintain it. In order to be a healthy bodybuilder, you need to know that you should combine exercise, food intake and sleep.

Firstly, exercises are very important and should be performed 6 days a week with one day off for muscle rest. Do not overload yourself with difficult working out programs for 3 or 4 days a week and the next 3 days stay in bed. Try to be consistent and persistent.

Even if it may seem difficult at the beginning, you will start to get used to the busy schedule and will not want to overlook a training program. Go to the gym and lift all those weights that you need, do not forget to warm up a little bit and start your daily routine by combining easy with difficult exercises.

Secondly, be very careful with what you eat. There are people who eat too much after they go to the gym and others that think if they eat too little, they will lose weight and build muscle. This is wrong. In short time, not only will you lose fat, but you will also lose muscle, which is not what you wish for.

Try to eat up to 6 smaller meals every day and include more proteins than carbohydrates in your meals. Do not forget about fruit and vegetables as well. You should know that soda, junk food and especially apparently natural supplements for weight loss should be totally avoided.

Are You a Happy Bodybuilder?Thirdly, give yourself a break. Sleep 8 continuous hours every night. This will help your body heal after the difficult gym workout and will give you the necessary energy to continue exercising and to be able to grow muscle.

Being Psychologically Healthy

Usually, we can easily distinguish a healthy from a sick person. We all believe that a strong looking bodybuilder with a smile on his face is healthier than a skinny pale man.

However, it is more difficult when it comes to being mentally healthy. Psychological health means that your body is in correspondence with your mind. A healthy bodybuilder means trying to develop all areas of your life, trying to love yourself and others and being able to learn from mistakes. You should be able to forgive and be an altruist and giving person. This, my friend, is the hard part. If you succeed this, you are almost there.

Be in harmony with your body and spirit in order to be healthy and happy.

Are You a Happy Bodybuilder?
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