Asthma Causes in Babies
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Asthma Causes in Babies

Asthma is a chronic respiratory complication which affects thousands of children within the United States alone.

This asthmatic population in children accounts for about the 10% of the total hospital visits and with about 3% being fatal. In infants and younger children, diagnosis and treatment is difficult because of the delicate nature that is involved and the lack of more advanced diagnosis processes.

Not to mention that the symptoms that asthma can present itself in younger children also mimics the same symptoms that are related to other respiratory ailments.

While the exact asthma causes in babies are still undetermined until now.

Further research and studies have brought about a myriad of new information that will possibly help doctors and pharmaceuticals to develop more effective medications and treatments for infant asthma.

Studies have broken down the categories considered most likely to be the main causes of asthma in babies.

Main Causes Of Asthma In Babies

Here are the categories and the role that each of them play:


Asthma Causes in BabiesResearch has found substantial evidence that point to the involvement of genetics in causing asthma. This is due to the fact that a certain percentage of infants diagnosed with asthma share the condition with one of their immediate relatives. The involvement of multiple genetic factors has also been pointed out in causing asthma. This helps to explain the different reactions between asthma triggers and also the differences in asthma treatments between infants.


Allergies have been highly implicated in causing asthma in infants, but scientists are unable to really link asthma to allergies because there is also a high percentage of children with allergic tendencies which do not develop asthma and allergies alone cannot also explain all of the symptoms associated with the condition.

Early viral infections:

While scientists have come to the conclusion that early childhood viral respiratory infections cannot really account for causing asthma, it seems that there are also exceptions to this rule. Recent findings have shown that some viruses does have the capability to bring about the ailment, the Respiratory Syncytial Virus for example have been highly regarded as one of the main causes of asthma and pneumonia in infants.


Research has also found that the frequent exposure of infants to allergens in their environment (the home in particular) can also cause asthma. Certain household chemicals, dust and smoke have been highly considered by researchers as the main cause of bronchial inflammation and irritation. With long term exposure this constant irritation and inflammation can contribute to causing asthma in infants.

To date, the research on asthma has brought about new medication and therapies that are more accurate and effective. But it is by no means complete; it actually is not even in its middle stages. With continuous research and development it might be just a matter of time before the real asthma causes in babies are found and the possible cure along with it.

Asthma Causes in Babies
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