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Amy Irving has an avid interest in anything and everything health related and writes extensively for this field. At one stage, her passion for the topic made her think about obtaining some type of certification in the field. However, she realized she was probably learning just as much by researching and writing her articles. And having a lot more fun whilst she was about it.

Tabata Intervals Training Workout

Tabata Protocol: Interval Training Workout   Recently updated !

WARNING: Tabata protocol, or Tabata intervals training, is not fun – especially if you’re doing it at the proper intensity. However, there is a bright side. It can offer you dramatic benefits with just 4 minutes of working out, and just a few times a week – said benefits include both increases in cardiovascular and […]

Jon Jones Muscles

The Jon Jones Supplements   Recently updated !

What Is It About The Jon Jones Supplements That Got The UFC Fighter So Shredded So Quickly? Despite being an extremely talented teenage wrestler in high school, Jon Jones was nicknamed Bones by his high school football coach because of his slight frame. It’s pretty amazing therefore that he’s been able to prove that this […]

Strained From Inactivity

Strained From Inactivity   Recently updated !

Athletes are not the only people to get injured, but we now see that with the growing population of the work force more and more employees are getting injured due to inactivity or bad posture. As a matter of a fact 80-90% of the U.S. population is affected by lower back pain with treatment costs […]

Weight Loss Workouts – A Full-Body Routine

Weight Loss Workouts – A Full-Body Routine   Recently updated !

Regular weight loss workouts are imperative if you want to lose fat. The trouble is, our modern lifestyle leaves little time to visit the gym. We are busier than ever with work, kids and social activities and this has affected the weight of the nation. Perhaps it is time to give up working out all […]

Quick Wiki Ionamin Diet Drugs - An Appetite Suppressant

Quick Wiki: Ionamin Diet Drugs – An Appetite Suppressant   Recently updated !

If you’ve browsed through the first couple of pages, you know that Ionamin diet drugs are a branded form of Phentermine diet drugs. Ionamin diet drugs are sometimes also referred to as Ionamin p. Ionamin diet drugs, like Phentemine, are used as appetite suppressants and as short-term treatments for obesity and/or weight loss. Ionamin diet […]

Chris Hemsworth Weight Loss – The Importance Of Aerobic Exercise

Chris Hemsworth Aerobic Exercise – The Importance Of Aerobic Exercise   Recently updated !

All about the Chris Hemsworth Weight Loss routines! Aerobic exercise is one of the most important types of exercise for a healthy body and good quality of life, as a Chris Hemsworth weight loss exercise routine illustrates.  It provides a long list of advantages and additionally will leave you feeling great.  So what are some […]

The Importance of Muscle Building Diets

The Importance of Muscle Building Diets   Recently updated !

Muscle building diets are so important that many books as well as other related resources are written about it. Muscle building diet and workout should go hand in hand. Along with correct diet plan, regular exercises and sufficient rest to the muscles is also crucial when physique building is the aim. Muscle Building Diets, foods […]

Best Workout Supplements For Men

Best Workout Supplements for Men   Recently updated !

I love when I see people working hard to reach their goals, especially when they’re spending extra time trying to learn and figure out how to improve their training to allow them to work even harder.  Unfortunately the results are not always great because there is a great amount of misinformation out there from companies […]

Quick Wiki Meridia Diet Drugs - An Appetite Suppressant

Quick Wiki: Meridia Diet Drugs – An Appetite Suppressant   Recently updated !

Meridia diet drugs are used to reduce excess body weight in obese people. Meridia diet drugs do not contain Phentermine. Pharmacologically, Meridia diet drugs contain the active ingredient sibutramine. Meridia diet drugs are a brand name given to the generic name sibutramine. Meridia diet drugs work by affecting appetite control centers in the brain. They […]

Back Pain Exercises: Say Goodbye To Chronic Back Pain

Back Pain Exercises: Say Goodbye To Chronic Back Pain   Recently updated !

There comes a point in a person’s life when he or she will experience back pain. Back pain, also known as dorsalgia, usually originates from the bones, joints, muscles, nerves or other structures in the spine. The pain may be acute (sudden onset) or chronic; it can be intermittent or it can be constant. The […]