Donald Bryant

About Donald Bryant

Donald Bryant didn’t start out wanting to write. He stumbled upon it as a career after he was asked to contribute to his high school magazine by way of a short bio. At the time, Don was a passably good athlete and for reasons known only to the mag’s editors, they thought he’d make an interesting topic. As it turns out, they were right. Or at least Don was able to write his bio in such a way that it made him sound a lot more interesting than he actually was. Combine a love of athletics with an interest in health and a talent for the written word and just like that, Don’s future path in life was mapped out.

What is Whey Protein

Why Whey? What is Whey Protein? Complete FAQ

Whey Protein in the Supplement World In the dizzingly complex world of supplements it would be easy for the uninitiated to believe the promises that the companies behind the products make. Protein shakes make you HUGE. Creatine makes you STRONGER, FASTER, BETTER. Take product X and you’ll get swollen. Add in product Y and you’ll […]

Shoulder Training to Get Big Shoulders

Shoulders Muscle Building Techniques

Shoulder Training Your shoulder muscle is basically made up of 3 parts. The front, middle and rear deltoids (delts). To have a balanced and a nicely formed shape to them, all 3 parts must be trained in proportion. There is a degree of over-lap when training the shoulders, for example the Standing Press will work the front & outer […]

Probiotics Benefits and Side Effects

Probiotics Benefits and Side Effects

Surely by now you’ve all heard of probiotic supplements.  For many years we’ve been hearing about how important it is to eat our yogurt as well as other fermented dairy products.  But probiotic supplements were largely unheard of.  Today,  you can’t turn on the TV for more than 5 minutes without seeing the Phillips “Colon […]

Jimmy Butler Workout Routine

Jimmy Butler Workout – All Play And No Rest

Chicago Bulls star winger Jimmy Butler and US Olympic team member is an acknowledged workaholic. Certainly the Jimmy Butler workout machine never seems to take much of a break. Overlooked by all the big universities in their high school recruitment programs, Jimmy did it the hard way instead. By working at it until he could […]

Workout Guides

Tips & Tricks for Bodybuilding Rookies

Basic Tips For Rookies There is a lot of nonsense in the media today. All the fitness magazines are talking about the fitness gurus, which are nothing more than super-dedicated bodybuilders on steroids. And these people are giving you advice about how to train and what to eat. That works for them, but if you’re […]

Pilates and Your Health - Get A Pilates Body

Pilates and Your Health – Get A Pilates Body!

Get A Pilates Body! There are a few things in life on which nobody seems to be willing to compromise – education and one’s health are at the top of this list. These two things are the basic issues for which almost everyone around the globe is cautious, and very rightly so. Pilates and Your […]

US Obesity Statistics Send Out A Large Warning

US Obesity Statistics Send Out A Huge Warning

With global obesity statistics on the rise generally, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to those who keep an eye on these types of figures, to learn that the USA is right up there in the top 15 fattest countries in the world.  And a list of the location of the corporate […]

The High Performance Handbook

Muscle Confusion – Can you “Shock” your Muscles?

Pick up any bodybuilding or fitness magazine and you’ll normally find a section containing ‘The Ultimate Workout!’ or the ‘Secret Weapon’ used by the pro’s. These workouts are often claimed to ‘shock the muscle’ into growth or, in other words, cause muscle confusion. These workouts can contain anything from supersets, tri-sets, giant-sets, negatives, forced reps, […]

The Importance of the 5 Basic Components of Physical Fitness

The Importance of the 5 Basic Components of Physical Fitness

All of the components of physical fitness are important in their own unique way; however, the cardiovascular endurance is extremely important because it is that area which can affect the levels that the other components perform at. 5 Components of Physical Fitness Our body cannot work well without fuel especially if we are performing physical tasks. […]

Diet Drugs - Understanding the Qualities and Complexities

Diet Drugs – Understanding the Qualities and Complexities

If you are searching for a website to research diet drugs or if you need weight loss help and don’t know where to turn, then we can help you to understand the qualities and complexities of each of the major and most talked about prescription diet drug pills on the market. Excess weight has been […]