Edward Patterson

About Edward Patterson

Edward Patterson wasn’t always the fit, healthy guy he is now. After years spent fighting the battle of the bulge, brought on he admits by a bad attitude to food and exercise, he finally saw the light. The beckoning light by the side of those pearly white gates that is. A close up encounter with heart disease and diabetes was enough to make him decide it was time to stop simply writing about health and fitness, and start practising all the things he was writing about.

Dwayne Johnson Workout – Herculean In Size

Dwayne Johnson Workout – Herculean In Size

The Dwayne Johnson Workout: Maintaining your reputation as the largest actor in the world takes a lot of work. Just ask Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson! Much has been written about the Dwayne Johnson workout regime that keeps the Rock in prime shape and bulked up with muscle but Dwayne Johnson wasn’t always this big. Before […]

Treadmills vs Stationary Bikes: Benefits of a Treadmill

At Home Fitness: Treadmills vs Stationary Bikes – Benefits and Drawbacks

Treadmills vs Stationary Bikes: With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it seems that no one has time to make it all the way to the gym. Luckily there are alternatives to getting a gym pass. You can get a home workout with nothing more than your body weight and a cardio machine. Worried about the […]

Butt Exercise Mini Series - Pascalite Clay

Butt Exercise Mini Series – Pascalite Clay

Pascalite clay’s active ingredient is a rare calcium bentonite, formed in the earth some thirty million years ago. Over the centuries, it captured the calcium from that limestone formation, and many other active minerals in trace amounts migrated into it –manganese, cobalt, copper, etc… The many users of Pascalite have reported many dramatic health enhancing […]

Quick Weight Loss

Healthy BMI for Children – BMI Body Mass Index Calculator

You may have noticed that people are getting “fatter,” but what does this really mean? We tend to associate “fat” with weight, but actually the two are not as similar as we think. A better measure of how weight is impacting health in all age groups is the BMI, or body mass index. This is […]

Vitamin A – The most potent Vitamin – Order Now!

Vitamin A – The most potent Vitamin – Order Now!

The Most Potent Vitamin: Vitamin A! Vitamin A is a product of  a Bi-polar covalent bond that is formed between Hydrogen and Carbon compounds. Vitamin A contains Retinal which can be converted by the body to retinoic acid, which is very useful for the proper functioning of the eye. Vitamin A is very important in […]

Joey Bosa Workout - 1

Joey Bosa Supplements – Player Nutrition & Exercise Info

Have something like Joey Bosa supplements helped the San Diego Chargers’ defensive end become one of the best in the NFL? Even with his injuries? The Chargers picked Joey Bosa up early in the 2016 draft but his contract wasn’t settled until August. For Joey though it was well worth the wait, and the bargaining. […]

Tom Brady Workout - 1

Tom Brady Workout – Player Nutrition & Exercise Info

Tom Brady has a few years under his belt, a belt that has also seen a lot of Tom Brady workout routines. He has also put a lot of what he knows, and does, into a book. We thought we’d take a quick peak at how the champion New England quarterback keeps himself so fit. […]

Health Benefits of Riding a Bike

Health Benefits of Riding a Bike

When it comes to finding easy ways to improve your health, there are none so good as saying goodbye to gas-spewing vehicles and opting to get from here to there via bicycle.  While you can certainly find other ways to work out, this one serves the dual purpose of providing transportation to and from the […]

Bodybuilding Tips - What Does a Great Bodybuilding Routine Look Like?

Taking Your Bodybuilding Exercises on the Road

It is easy to get spoiled if you have built great workout facility at home or you have a fully equipped gym to use for your bodybuilding program.  With plenty of weights at hand, you can complete circuit training and mix up your exercise routines each week so that you rotate your workouts to give […]

Biotin Deficiency - Biotin Benefits - Hair Loss Vitamins

Biotin Deficiency – Biotin Benefits – Hair Loss Vitamins

Ensuring Adequate Biotin Benefits Many Bodily Functions Biotin, also commonly known as vitamin H or vitamin B7, is one of the essential B group vitamins that are responsible for the correct functioning of many of our body’s processes, especially our metabolism. Biotin particularly assists in the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Other possible biotin […]