Helen Patterson

About Helen Patterson

Helen Patterson lives, eats, and dreams fitness every day. From the healthy glass of lemon water first thing in the morning to the disgustingly healthy smoothie every night just before bed, she is a walking advertisement for lean, fit and healthy. Or at least she tries to be! Some days it doesn’t quite pan out that way but it’s the thought that counts. It’s also why she spends a considerable amount of time, in between yoga, meditation, and working out, researching and writing about health and fitness.

Deandre Hopkins Workout - 1

Deandre Hopkins Workout – Player Nutrition & Exercise Info

When the Houston Texans’ wide receiver posted his now famous spontaneous tweet about joining him in a DeAndre Hopkins workout he probably didn’t expect he response he got! The following morning around 50 young local athletes turned up at the assigned designation. And proceeded to be put through their paces, receiving a spot of one […]

Mark Ingram Workout - 3

Mark Ingram Workout – Player Nutrition & Exercise Info

For Mark Ingram, workout kept him in shape even when he wasn’t ‘at work.’  The New Orleans Saints running back was forced to spend some time reflecting on the advisability of indulging in banned substances at the start of this season.  However, he certainly made sure he kept himself up to speed in the fitness […]

Back Pain Exercises: Say Goodbye To Chronic Back Pain

Back Workouts – Important To Understand How Much You Can Do

Back workouts are an essential yet often neglected part of many people’s exercise regimen. The trend today is to focus on the chest workout or to aim for monster-sized arms or rock hard abs. Back workouts are not just important for cosmetic reasons. The back bears the burden of much of what people do everyday. It […]

Toned Legs

Toned Legs

The fat which accumulates in our legs especially in our thighs can be one of the most problematic one. In order to get rid of this unattractive surplus, we will have to learn how to get toned legs and get in better shape. Stop wondering how you can get those slim legs that will lengthen […]

Landon Collins Workout - 2

Landon Collins Workout – Player Nutrition & Exercise Info

Not even a decent Landon Collins workout used to be able to prevent the New York Giants’ strong safety from packing on the pounds. When he was drafted back in 2015, the former University of Alabama player weighed in at around 240 pounds. Problem is, he only stands 6’ high, prompting some to describe him […]

Folic Acid

Facts about Folid Acid

It is vital during the first weeks of pregnancy, often before a woman even realizes she is pregnant. A deficiency of folic acid during this time can lead to serious birth defects. Women in their child bearing years should make sure to get enough folic acid every day. There are several different types of vitamins […]

HIT Training – High Intensity Training

HIT Training – High Intensity Training

How does HIT Training Work? HIT (High Intensity Training) works using the theory that you can build muscle with only one or two working sets as long as it surpasses the workload from your previous workout. It also works by allowing your body parts optimum recovery time between workouts so that they can progress and […]

Ndamukong Suh Workout - 1

Ndamukong Suh Workout – Player Nutrition & Exercise Info

How does the Ndamukong Suh workout help this rather large Los Angeles Rams nose tackle? Back in high school Suh, the guy with the unpronounceable first name, shone in 3 sports. He played football, basketball, and was pretty impressive with the shot put as well. He entered the 2010 draft and was picked up at […]

Should You Wear Sweaters to the Gym

Should You Wear Sweaters to the Gym?

Many people equate effective workouts to the amount of sweat they produce. While it’s true that exerting effort can make you sweat, it doesn’t always mean that more equates to better. What’s more, it doesn’t always help speed up your weight loss journey. In fact, we previously discussed the dangers of drenching yourself in sweat […]

Tendinitis Hand Exercises

Stretching Forearms and Wrists for Tendinitis Hand Exercises

Although most of the exercises for fighting tendinitis which have been described here are targeted either to the tendons or to the major nerves that are involved in the movement and sensation of the wrists and hands, there are also some general exercises that apply to the whole region from fingertips to elbow. These stretching […]