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About Jane Wright

Jane Wright once seriously thought about becoming a doctor. Admittedly, it was way back in nursery school but her interest in what makes people tick has never waned. Unfortunately, the medical school dreams never panned out largely due to the fact that she discovered she also has a talent for writing, which was way easier to accomplish. So now she satisfies both traits by researching and writing health and fitness articles for a range of clients around the world.

Bobby Wagner Workout- 3

Bobby Wagner Workout – Player Nutrition & Exercise Info

When he started spending too much time sidelined with injuries Seattle Seahawks’ linebacker Bobby Wagner decided the Bobby Wagner workout needed some work. So in came a few possibly eyebrow-raising routines like yoga, boxing, mixed martial arts, and swimming. The effect though was startling. Gone were the nagging injuries that kept him out of too […]

Rob Gronkowski Workout - 3

Rob Gronkowski Workout – Player Nutrition & Exercise Info

For Rob Gronkowski workout and playing elite football comes easily. You could say it’s in his genes. Or in his family history at least. The big guy grew up the second youngest of five strapping boys. All of them outstanding athletes in their own right. They’re all over 6’ for starters. Even the smallest of […]

Carson Wentz Workout - 1

Carson Wentz Workout – Player Nutrition & Exercise Info

He may not be Michael Phelps but he does love swimming enough to make it part of the Carson Wentz workout routine during off-season training. There’s little doubt that Carson Wentz had a great season in 2017, or at least he did up until Week 14! He played a huge role in setting up the […]

Russell Wilson Workout - 1

Russell Wilson Workout – Player Nutrition & Exercise Info

What does one of the league’s elite quarterbacks spend his off-season doing as part of the Russell Wilson workout? Why, he plays baseball of course! Russell Wilson’s professional sporting career started out on a baseball diamond. Not a football gridiron. Equally gifted at both sports, he played both in high school. He was drafted by […]

Larry Fitzgerald Workout - 2

Larry Fitzgerald Workout – Player Nutrition & Exercise Info

The Arizona Cardinals wide receiver soars effortlessly into the air to pluck a ball out of flight midair and we take a look at the Larry Fitzgerald workout that allows him to do this so apparently easily! Larry ‘Sticky Fingers’ Fitzgerald wasn’t always the disciplined training machine he is now. Recruited by the Cardinals back […]

JJ Watt Workout - 1

JJ Watt Workout – Player Nutrition & Exercise Info

Justin James clearly spent a lot of time during off-season 2018 working on the JJ Watt workout. His horrendous run of injuries over the past 2 seasons is well known. For anyone other than JJ they probably would have been career ending. However, JJ appears to have ‘bounced’ back with a vengeance. And with a […]

Earl Thomas Workout- 2

Earl Thomas Workout – Player Nutrition & Exercise Info

The Earl Thomas workout successfully got the champion free safety back into the game after his season-ending broken leg 2 years ago. Will it do the same for him again this time round? Although unlike last time, it’s questionable whether or not Earl Thomas wants to return to the Hawks! If his finger flip at […]

Khalil Mack Workout - 1

Khalil Mack Workout – Player Nutrition & Exercise Info

Ever wondered what goes into the Khalil Mack workout that makes him one of the NFL’s most dominant linebackers? Just before he was traded to the Chicago Bears in September 2018, Mack spent some time training with his old college team. Presumably he was showing them the ropes. Plus holding out for an extension to […]

Todd Gurley Workout - 2

Todd Gurley Supplements – Player Nutrition & Exercise Info

Todd Gurley supplements – are they behind the star running back’s amazing performance record? Todd Gurley is another multi-talented athlete who could have chosen to continue on with any one of several sports after high school. He could sprint and he represented the US in the 110-meter hurdles event at the 2011 World Youth Championships. […]

Travis Kelce Workout- 3

Travis Kelce Workout – Player Nutrition & Exercise Info

It’s called the Bunkie and it’s an integral part of the Travis Kelce workout routine. Essentially, the Bunkie is about assessing core strength, something Travis believes is the ‘core’ of his strength as a player. Like he says, having the strongest legs and arms out there won’t do anyone much good if their core is […]