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Growing up, Julie Moore was one of those kids that turn parents into a private chauffeur service. She danced, she played sport, and she was a keen equestrian. Not surprisingly, it led her to choose a related career in health and fitness as a dance instructor. However, life happens, as it does and after her second child arrived, Julie decided to hang up her dancing shoes and focus on another interest, which is writing about health and fitness. It lets her spend time with her family and also indulge that passion for horses she’s never quite managed to lose.

Justin Bieber Muscles

Calvin Klein Campaign Is Thriving Thanks To Justin Bieber Supplements   Recently updated !

How The New Calvin Klein Campaign Is Thriving Thanks To Justin Bieber Supplements It’s the stuff of dreams, and obviously legends. A recording studio executive accidentally stumbles across a YouTube video of a singing school kid and is so impressed he hunts the child down and offers him a career as a recording artist. If […]

Aloe Vera Plant – Aloe Vera Uses

Aloe Vera Plant – Aloe Vera Uses   Recently updated !

The Aloe Vera plant, also referred to as “Aloe” is known as the burn plant or the first aid plant and has been talked and written about for over 3000 years. These days, it is a basic component in many products from skin care, sun care and hair care products to drinks and juices. Aloe […]

Do You Have An Exercise Allergy

Do You Have An Exercise Allergy? It may be Exercise-Induced Urticaria   Recently updated !

Do You Have An Exercise Allergy? Have you ever experienced itching during your exercise routine? If you haven’t, then you are very lucky because some people literally can’t exercise without being plagued by a painful, burning itch accompanied by hives. Did you even realize that some people could be allergic to exercise? Imagine telling your […]

Bodybuilding Tips - What Does a Great Bodybuilding Routine Look Like?

Bodybuilding Down Through History   Recently updated !

When most of us think about the sport of bodybuilding, famous muscle men like Arnold Schwarzenegger come to mind.  But the truth is that bodybuilding did not spring into existence when Arnold became famous after the big bodybuilding move, Pumping Iron.  There is a long history to the sport that is worth understanding particularly if […]

Pilates & Cardio Workout Plan

Pilates & Cardio Workout Plan   Recently updated !

Overview Combining Pilates exercise for alignment, core awareness, flexibility and muscle strength with regular cardiovascular training, will guarantee you long lean muscles and a great body. This workout is inspired by P90X DVD workouts. Materials Mat + Elastic Band (Heavy Weight- Blue) Recommendations Commit to do this workout 3 times a week for 4 weeks. […]

Workout Guides

Broscience vs Science – Who’s Side Are You On?   Recently updated !

The landscape of fitness lately is moving along faster than I can ever remember. So fast, in fact, that today it serves as my inspiration for the content of this post. With us now knowing more and more (or at least we think) about the human body than we ever have in the past, you’d […]

Workout Mistakes

Don’t Make These 6 Mistakes in Your Workout!   Recently updated !

At the gym, what you DON’T do is probably more important that what you DO do. In a room full of heavy weights and potentially dangerous equipment, you’re more likely to hurt yourself than improve your health. And that is why you go to the gym … to improve your health. If you’re there for […]

What Should I Eat Before a Workout?

What Should I Eat Before a Workout?   Recently updated !

Ask this question 100 times, and you’ll probably get 100 different answers.  Like anything else, preworkout nutrition varies greatly from person to person.  Different goals, different schedules, and different strategies will determine what you eat before a workout, when you eat it, and how much you eat.  Since there is no one real answer to […]

Chris Hemsworth Weight Loss – The Importance Of Strength Training

Chris Hemsworth Thor Workout – How About Chris Hemsworth Supplements?   Recently updated !

Male celebrities are among the sexiest people on earth with great physiques. This  does not come without breaking a sweat though. Male celebrities have invested a lot of money and time in keeping fit to help them get those bodies their fans would die for. Having such bodies  does not have to be that hard. […]

Bodybuilding Tips - What Does a Great Bodybuilding Routine Look Like?

A Bodybuilder’s Diet is a Clean Diet   Recently updated !

One of the reasons we all love to watch top level athletes is it is easy to wish we could reach that high level of training and fitness they display.  Of course, a bodybuilder or some other kind of athlete may be dedicated to the task of fitness twenty-four hours a day because that is […]