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About Maria Jenkins

Maria Jenkins remembers waking up one day and thinking ‘today is the first day of the rest of my life’. The problem was, she realised she wasn’t particularly keen on the thought of where the rest of her life was heading. It was clearly time for a reassessment. She decided to sack her boss and turn what had been a hobby researching and writing about health and fitness for the local gym, into a full time freelance career.

Lose Fat Gain Muscle – Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle

Lose Fat Gain Muscle – Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle   Recently updated !

If you are one of the persons looking for a weight loss program that is both efficient and does not have side effects, you will have to analyze the details in the multitude of possibilities available on the market. Tom Venuto’s Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle eBook is one of the programs to teach […]

Lebron James Supplements and Workout

Are there Lebron James Supplements? We found out!   Recently updated !

Get jacked as fast as the Superstar Basketballer himself with the (as we like to call them) Lebron James Supplements. He’s a superstar of the basketball court, a kid who finished high school as one of the most glorified players in history according to some sources. A reputation he carried into his adult career on […]

Bodybuilding Tips - What Does a Great Bodybuilding Routine Look Like?

A Primer for the Teenage Bodybuilder   Recently updated !

Many teenagers take interest in bodybuilding to build manly bodies and to become muscular.  The reasons for the fascination are easy to detect.  There is always a natural admiration that boys have for successful athletes.  So if the teenage boy in your life aspires to the shape of a professional bodybuilder, that is a much […]

Foods That Build Muscle

Foods That Build Muscle   Recently updated !

In this article, I will be providing information about an area of fitness that many trainee’s commonly struggle to get right – Eating correctly and consuming enough whole food to build muscle fast as part of a well-balanced, muscle building diet. When we talk about foods that build muscle fast, I will be referring mainly […]

5 Useful Things To Do To Start Your Personal Fitness Program

5 Useful Things To Do To Start Your Personal Fitness Program   Recently updated !

The common objection which people always face is how to incorporate fitness in their daily routine. Everyone knows they need to put in some efforts to get in shape but they are confused because of too much of information and they do not where to start with. In today’s society we have a wide choice […]

Visualize Your Perfect Health – Secrets to Health

Visualize Your Perfect Health – Secrets to Health   Recently updated !

A “Paradigm” simply put is the worldview underlying our beliefs. Our paradigms govern our lives, and therefore it’s important that we bring them under our control. Most of our paradigms were picked up without our conscious choice, and represent our programming. The whole subject of health with its various component parts of diet, exercise, mind […]

List of Essential Oils

List of Essential Oils   Recently updated !

Essential oils are very concentrated essences from plants. Like herbs and foods, their energy properties are multi-leveled, and therefore can be very beneficial to the holistic care and maintenance of your body. Oil Description Angelica Release and let go of negative feelings Basil Respiratory system, mental concentration Bergamot Skin infections Birch (Wintergreen) Internal lymphatic cleansing, […]

Michael Jordan Supplements

Michael Jordan Supplements   Recently updated !

Michael Jordan Supplements – Would Players Today Be As Good Without Them? Michael Jordan – that’s basketball legend Michael J Jordan by the way, not the actor who shares the same name, is a basketball legend and undisputedly the greatest basketballer of all time. He is also largely responsible for reviving interest in the game […]

Drew Brees Workout - 3

Drew Brees Supplements – Player Nutrition & Exercise Info   Recently updated !

Are there Drew Brees Supplements? As the New Orleans Saints champion quarterback, Drew Brees is currently one of the League’s best players. He is rated amongst the best passers the game has ever seen but life wasn’t always this rosy for Drew. Indeed, from successful college football player to one largely overlooked in the 2001 […]

Ab Exercises For Women

Chest Exercises For Women   Recently updated !

There is a rather wide spread and scary idea running around out there that the only way women can keep that young and “girlish” figure is to “get work done”. “Getting work done” doesn’t refer to having your bathroom re-tiled. It refers to plastic surgery to combat the effects of age on your face or […]