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As a fitness fanatic, Molly Bright knows a thing or three about the subject. She’s the proud owner of some second-hand gym equipment that she uses religiously. At least she does when she’s not researching, and penning, great health and fitness articles!

What Are Antioxidants?

Everything you wanted to know about Antioxidants

Antioxidants Facts Want to know some cool antioxidants facts? There is solid evidence from several studies that the antioxidants we consume when eating Five to Seven servings a day from most fruit and vegetables can help us avoid or stall most ailments caused by ill-health. This includes slowing the ageing process, keeping energy levels high […]

Outdoor Fitness - Preventing Dog Bites

Outdoor Fitness: Preventing Dog Bites

Every day in America approximately 1,000 citizens require emergency treatment due to a severe dog bite. In many instances this happens when someone is jogging, riding their bike or taking a walk. Although it is impossible to prevent all of these dog bites from occurring, there are several steps that you can take to reduce […]

The TB 12 Method – The Tom Brady Diet - All The Details!

The TB 12 Method – The Tom Brady Diet – All The Details!

The TB 12 Method – Tom Brady Reveals All Could he be the best player ever in the NFL?  Many pundits definitely seem to think so! And whether you agree with their opinions, or not, one thing is for certain…. Tom Brady, who recently hit the big four O and is still playing some of […]

Muscle Building - Training Frequency - Gym or Home Workout

Muscle Building – Training Frequency – Gym or Home Workout

Call it whatever you like: Muscle Building, Strength Training, Resistance Training, Weight Training or any other name. It builds the foundation for power, strength, muscle endurance and bulk for a lot of activities. In either form or for any purpose they do make your life much better giving you more confidence and an elevated self […]

Pre-Workout Nutrition: What to eat before your workout

Pre-Workout Nutrition: What to eat before your workout

OK since the general theme of this website is pre-workout nutrition I wanted to dedicate an article to the specific foods that you should consume before your workout. So we will take a break from discussing pre-workout supplements and focus more on nutrition. So what kinds of things should you be eating or drinking in […]

Bodybuilding Tips - What Does a Great Bodybuilding Routine Look Like?

What it Takes to Be a Bodybuilding Winner

Anybody can look at those beautiful sculpted bodies that are on display at a bodybuilding competition and wish they had such a shape.  But it doesn’t take a genius to look around and realize that most people are not perfectly formed like bodybuilders are.  What may shock some fans of the sport is that there […]

Bodybuilding - Muscle Gain and Nutrition Rules

Good Nutrition and Healthy Workout Meals Are Essential

Maintaining a highly nutritional diet is extremely vital to the success of any exercise program including your muscle building workouts. It doesn’t matter if you are just exercising for weight loss, increasing muscles, want better stamina, more flexibility, whatever the goal might be, eating healthy meals is the key. It is important not to take […]

Heartburn- It’s Not What You Think!

Heartburn- It’s Not What You Think!

Heartburn is one of the most common human experiences. It’s become a multi million-dollar pharmaceutical industry gold mine. Most often you can be free of heartburn by changing how you eat. Heartburn is also called gastroesophageal reflux disorder, or GERD. Everyone accepts the fact that it is stomach acid that causes the problem of burning. […]

Lower Back Pain Exercise Recommendations

Lower Back Pain Exercises

What is Lower Back pain Lower back pain is a very common musculoskeletal disorder which affects millions of adults around the world. Although its causes may vary, the most important of them include general factors like a simple muscle strain, overuse or injury; in most severe and complicated cases, a lumbar herniated disc or the […]

Creatine Formula

Creatine Supplements for Big Body Building Gains

Some of the most effective when it comes to body building are creatine supplements, but more specifically creatine monohydrate.  We are going to discuss here how creatine supplements can work for you and how to use them most effectively in your strength sport. Creatine supplements have a number of benefits including enhancement of the anaerobic […]