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As a fitness fanatic, Molly Bright knows a thing or three about the subject. She’s the proud owner of some second-hand gym equipment that she uses religiously. At least she does when she’s not researching, and penning, great health and fitness articles!

Kettlebell-Training Time Efficiency - Seem to Good to be True

Kettlebell Training Time Efficiency – Seem to Good to be True   Recently updated !

Take it from a guy who once spend 2 hours or more in the gym 5 days a week, you don’t have to complete marathon workouts to see real results.  My time in the gym averages between 30 and 40 minutes and I see results now like I never did before. One of the great […]

Tendinitis Hand Exercises

Hand Exercises to Help Cope with Tendinitis   Recently updated !

Tendinitis is a painful inflammation of the tendons – in this case, those of the wrist and hands. This inflammation can result from injuries, repetitive use in stressful or awkward tasks, and similar sources. Pain, stiffness of the wrist or hand joints, swelling, an unpleasant “stuffed” feeling inside the wrist, and inability to complete even […]

Muscle Building - Training Frequency - Gym or Home Workout

Muscle Building – Training Frequency – Gym or Home Workout   Recently updated !

Call it whatever you like: Muscle Building, Strength Training, Resistance Training, Weight Training or any other name. It builds the foundation for power, strength, muscle endurance and bulk for a lot of activities. In either form or for any purpose they do make your life much better giving you more confidence and an elevated self […]

Creatine Formula

Creatine Supplements for Big Body Building Gains   Recently updated !

Some of the most effective when it comes to body building are creatine supplements, but more specifically creatine monohydrate.  We are going to discuss here how creatine supplements can work for you and how to use them most effectively in your strength sport. Creatine supplements have a number of benefits including enhancement of the anaerobic […]

Lower Back Pain Exercise Recommendations

Lower Back Pain Exercises   Recently updated !

What is Lower Back pain Lower back pain is a very common musculoskeletal disorder which affects millions of adults around the world. Although its causes may vary, the most important of them include general factors like a simple muscle strain, overuse or injury; in most severe and complicated cases, a lumbar herniated disc or the […]

Pre-Workout Nutrition: What to eat before your workout

Pre-Workout Nutrition: What to eat before your workout   Recently updated !

OK since the general theme of this website is pre-workout nutrition I wanted to dedicate an article to the specific foods that you should consume before your workout. So we will take a break from discussing pre-workout supplements and focus more on nutrition. So what kinds of things should you be eating or drinking in […]

Bodybuilding Tips - What Does a Great Bodybuilding Routine Look Like?

What it Takes to Be a Bodybuilding Winner   Recently updated !

Anybody can look at those beautiful sculpted bodies that are on display at a bodybuilding competition and wish they had such a shape.  But it doesn’t take a genius to look around and realize that most people are not perfectly formed like bodybuilders are.  What may shock some fans of the sport is that there […]

Why Pre-Workout Supplements

Why Pre-Workout Supplements?   Recently updated !

The idea behind workout supplementation is to get a pre workout energy boost by ingesting something beforehand.  Simple concept, but not so simple to make effective products in reality. What ends up happening, as you’ll see in the products in the comparison table near the top of the page, is that most of them have […]

Your Brain Works Better with Plenty of Omega 3 Fats

Fish Oil Supplements – Don’t buy just any!   Recently updated !

Fish oil supplements are taken around the world, especially where fish isn’t safe or readily available. As many studies have supported, fish contain a special fat called Omega-3 Fatty Acids. These elite fats are slightly difficult to come by in high amounts, but are crucial for good health. Fish oil fixes that problem by allowing […]