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Stephen (spelt ‘ph’ not ‘v’) Sammes is a writer and editor with a special interest in natural health and wellness. He’s also keenly interested in food. Of the healthy sort that is! When he’s not researching and writing about health, he can often be found improving his own at his local gym.

How to Lose Weight and Gain Muscle

How to Lose Weight and Gain Muscle   Recently updated !

How to Lose Weight and Gain Muscle at the Same Time If you are like me, you’re probably wondering how to lose weight and gain muscle in the same time. Is it possible? Can you actually control what you eat and your workouts in order to achieve this? When we’re looking for an answer to how to lose […]

The Basics Of Bulking Up

The Basics Of Bulking Up   Recently updated !

There are some men who really enjoy bulking up cycles because this gives them an excuse to gorge on junk food that they might not normally eat, such as pizza, chocolate, cake and crisps, for example. Once they have increased their weight and got a lot bigger, they will then begin a new cutting cycle […]

Harris Benedict Formula – Basal Metabolic Rate Calculator

Harris Benedict Formula – Basal Metabolic Rate Calculator   Recently updated !

The Harris Benedict BMR calculator calculates the minimum amount of calories you need to maintain your weight as well as perform your day to day activities based on sex, age, height and weight. The formula used is the Harris Benedict Formula and is only an approximate estimate but it gives you a starting point. More […]

Muscle Building Foods And Diet

Muscle Building Foods And Diet   Recently updated !

What are the best muscle building foods when you have no time to spare and want to start packing on lean muscle mass right away? The good news is that this is more than an article about whey protein, shakes and power bars. All of those have their place, but they don’t fill out a complete diet […]

Fartlek Training

What is Fartlek Training? Unstructured HIIT!   Recently updated !

With all the online information on how to lose weight floating around on the web, it’s no wonder one would get confused on different forms of workouts:  HIT, HIIT, Tabata, Body Weights, Plyometrics, Fartlek Training … Wait … Fartlek, sounds foreign right?! Well it is! Fartlek is a Swedish word meaning “speed play”. Although it was developed […]

Airline hostess Ayme Oliveira

0% Body Fat – Not Just Your Average Air Hostess   Recently updated !

Airline hostess Ayme Oliveira is more than your typical airline hostess. Not content with just shuffling up and down the narrow isles of an airplane dispensing plastic food, lukewarm beverages, booze and children’s toys, she’s made herself an alter ego. In her spare time, she doubles as a competitive body builder. And she claims that […]

Hit The Gym With Hyper GH 14X

Hit the Gym with Hyper GH 14x   Recently updated !

As you know, it is important for all us men to exercise regardless of age. It will be suffice as long as you exercise 30 minutes per session at least, not more than four five times a week. Usually, most men prefer weight lifting rather than aerobics and it’s totally cool. As long as you […]

Workout Guides

How to Build Chest Muscle Fast – Part 2   Recently updated !

Welcome to part 2 and the conclusion of my article on how to build chest muscle fast! In Build Chest Muscle Fast – part 1 we looked at two mistakes commonly made by people desperately trying to build chest muscle fast and I mentioned better alternatives to counter these mistakes. Part 2 of this article […]

The Importance of Breakfast for Bodybuilders

The Importance of Breakfast for Bodybuilders   Recently updated !

The primary concern for a bodybuilder is the maintenance of their muscle mass and this requires a very structured and very consistent eating habits. In fact, the foundation of a well built body is breakfast. This is the most important meal of the day for anyone but extremely important for those that work out. It […]

Quick Wiki Phendimetrazine Diet Drugs - An Appetite Suppressant

Quick Wiki: Phendimetrazine Diet Drugs – An Appetite Suppressant   Recently updated !

Phendimetrazine Diet Drugs are also referred to as Bontril. Where Bontril is the marketing or brand name, Phendimetrazine is the active ingredient found in Phendimetrazine Diet Drugs. Phendimetrazine Diet Drugs are sympathomimetic amines similar in makeup to amphetamines. They are also known as anorectic or anorexigenic drugs. Phendimetrazine diet drugs stimulate the central nervous system […]