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Ayurvedic Treatment: Triphala for Cancer

In Ayurvedic medicine, cancer is weighed as a disease that is normally associated with all three doshas, though it starts with the prevalence of just one of them. Alimentary fire and other kinds of agni are quickly lessened, which results to build up of toxic substances.

Ayurvedic treatment for cancer is the most famous in Hindi, because it’s thought in essence, cancer is characterized as a negative vitality that is settled in the body as a parasite that is being created by the excess of apana (downstream air). Thus, disorder of apanas, which is triggered by bloating, constipation and diarrhea, may lead the development of cancer. Cancer cells don’t need any oxygen that transmits the life force or prana. It means that their growth occurs without following the structure of powerful energy.

How Triphala Helps in Cancer?

Causes for cancerous diseases differ, but there is none that cannot be treated with Triphala for cancer treatment. Among those many causes, one of the most popular is the consumption of foods lack of vitality, pollution of the environment, lack of exercise, and lack of spiritual objectives.

The main reason may be the defeat of emotions or “emotional stagnation” that adds to the buildup of toxic substances and the inequality of doshas. In the past, western medicine thought cancer as a disease of downhearted or “black bile” and its development was related to the suppression of emotions. It truly is understandable that the remedy of cancer is not just about the physical body.

It showed that the benefits of triphala is it can prevent the growth of cancerous tumors. Health researchers from the Cancer Institute at the University of Pittsburgh have studied the compounds of the means of popular Indian ayurvedic medicine for cancer for many years now.

American scientists have discovered that Triphala for cancer treatment indeed delays the development of cancerous tumors and starts the process of programmed cell-death, just as, in cancer cells. Experts are currently making a new series of experiments and investigations that will prove anti-cancer properties of Ayurvedic treatment for cancer, and predominantly with the use of Triphala tablets.

Triphala is a combination of different ayurvedic medicine herbs that exactly does wonders for healthy people and those with diseases of all kinds. As stated by ayurvedic medicine healers, Triphala is effective in rejuvenation even in home settings.

Other Health Benefits

Aside from the advantages being mentioned above, Triphala is also effective on the treatment of blood problems, intestinal problems (chronic constipation and dysbiosis), insomnia and nervous fatigue. It is also strongly suggested for use against internal bleeding, diabetes, dyspepsia, jaundice and cough (accompanied by infection of the upper respiratory tract). This ayurvedic medicine is also applied for skin diseases, eye and ear problems, for many different types of respiratory ailments and gynecological problems. Lastly, Triphala comes with no side effects.

A Natural, Laxative with No Side-Effects

Many people use Triphala as a good substitute to other laxatives, as it is mild and composed of organic ingredients. If you’re suffering from bowel problems or a congested digestive system and don’t wish to turn to stronger laxatives that could have negative side-effects, you should consider using triphala. Also, it is safe to take long-term (as compared to many modern commercial laxatives). It was reported that taking Triphala on a regular basis can help increase the general functioning of our GI tract and metabolism. Essentially, many people take Triphala supplements every day to help maintain regular bowel movements.

When taking this Ayurvedic treatment for cancer and other health ailments, you can defend yourself from the destructive action of free radicals, toxins and premature aging. As we already know, Triphala cleanses and revitalizes all the tissues of the body that averts the formation of cancer tumors.


Ayurvedic Treatment: Triphala for Cancer
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