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Back Exercises For Men

Back Exercises For MenBack exercises for men are often an extension of an upper body workout. The back is divided into three main areas in terms of a workout: upper back, middle back and lower back. Back exercises for men should include all three parts to help develop not only a better physique, but improved posture.

Getting Started

Start by determining your fitness goals. Chest exercises for men, ab exercises for men and other exercises work certain core areas with some emphasis on the back. The best abs workout should include attention to the back due to the effect on posture.


The best abs workout includes increased reps and sets as progress continues. It is The recommended number of sets for a productive back workout is 3 to 4 sets for each exercise for a total of 9 to 12 sets. Beginners should start with fewer reps. Weight load should be increased for more resistance to promote muscle growth. Conversely, a lower weight load and an increase in reps will yield higher muscle definition.

Back Exercise Plan

Realistically, back exercises for men can produce results from an eight week program. Two exercises should be selected from each group to work the lower, middle and upper back. The key successful back exercises for men is balance to produce an upper body workout. The best abs workout will not have as much of an impact without well developed back muscles.

Upper Back

The best ab exercises for men are more effective as far as toning when incorporated with solid upper back exercises. Chest exercises for men as well as ab exercises for men are a good way to prepare for an upper back workout. While a nicely developed upper back makes abs exercises for men and chest exercises for men more productive.

Back Exercises For Men 2• Start with lateral pull downs. Pull the bar behind your neck. The bar may also be placed in front of your chest. Either method will produce similar results.

• Use a wide-grip bar with an overhand group. Slowly pull the bar towards your neck (or front of the chest if you chose that method). Use the resistance of the weight on way up. Repeat 8-12 times. You will feel the squeeze in your side lat muscles and upper back.

Note: Be careful not to swing when pulling down the weight. This may be dangerous and will not effectively work the muscles.

• Chins ups are a nice alternative to lateral pull downs. They can be physically demanding, but effectively build upper back muscles.

• Bent-over lateral raises are great for building the upper back along with the rear deltoids. These back exercises for men should be performed towards the end of a workout. Lighter weights should be used with an emphasis on correct form. Sit down on a flat bench and bend forward. Keep your back at a 45 degree angle to your knees and legs. With a dumbbell in each hand, lift the weights parallel to the floor. Squeeze your upper back along with rear shoulders at the top of each movement.

Middle Back

The middle back is the most prominent area of the back. Chest exercises for men and abdominal exercises for men along with ab exercises for men all require a strong middle back. Middle back exercises for men target the back but also prepare a man for a full upper body workout. The best abs workout targets the middle back as well.

• Seated cable row. This middle back exercise is done with a palms-up grip to emphasize the middle back and rhomboids. Sit on the rowing machine and lean forward while gripping the bar underhand. Squeeze the middle part of your back as you pull the bar.

Note: It is alright to lean forward during the final reps to get an extra stretch in the middle back region.

• Dumbbell rows. Chest exercises for men often combine the plank, the standard push and a dumbbell row. The dumbbell row itself is an excellent middle back builder. Place knee on a flat bench with a dumbbell in the opposite hand. Bend over slowly with your back straight almost parallel to the floor. Lower the weight slowly to retain control of the dumbbell. Keep movements tight along your body.

Note: It is recommended beginners start with cable rows before advancing to dumbbell rows after the initial eight week program.

Lower Back

Chest exercises for men and ab exercises for men should include a focus on the lower back. A proper upper body workout requires solid lower back strength. The best abs workout is more effective with solid lower back strength for maximum results.

• Hyper-extensions – A flat bench is usually used to perform hyper-extensions at a 45 degree angle. You stand diagonally on an incline back extension machine. The pads should support the quads to allow your torso to float freely. Your back should be erect at the top of each movement to feel the squeeze in the lower back. A consistent tension should be maintained.

Note: Perform as many reps as possible until you feel a burning sensation.

Back exercises for men are literally the backbone of a solid upper body workout. The best abs workout incorporates back exercises working all three core back regions. Ab exercises for men and other upper body workout exercises tend to more effective with proper posture and back strength.

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