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Bad Habits: 3 vices that will do you no harm

There isn’t a person in the world that doesn’t have a vice; some little guilty pleasure that they know is bad. Whether it is having an occasional cigarette or a snifter of cognac, to biting your nails or cracking your knuckles, there is always something that you just can’t stop doing. But some of these so-called vices aren’t actually bad for you; in fact, some of them can do you some good! Here are three bad habits that you really don’t need to kick.

Sleeping in

Many believe that sleeping in is a bad habit; we are less productive and it would appear that we are a little on the lazy side. However, the truth is that your body recharges when you sleep. If you think getting six hours of sleep a night (or less) will make you look like a responsible adult, think again.

You need a good night’s sleep to recharge your cells and keep your hormones in check. A good night’s rest can also keep you thinner and less stressed, so if the worst thing someone will say if you sleep in is that you’re lazy, accept their claims; after all it is you who is sleeping better and therefore more productive!

Giving in to chocolate

As far as junk food is concerned, chocolate is the most common of vices. But although some chocolate is indeed bad for you, especially if you over-do it; however, if you indulge in the occasional chocolate, try to ensure that it is dark chocolate. According to recent studies, dark chocolate is actually good for you. It has less sugar and fat, and it can also help prevent heart disease or even stroke. This is thanks to the flavonoids, an antioxidant in cocoa (and dark chocolate contains a higher percentage of cocoa than the standard milk chocolate).

According to experts, flavonoids increase blood flow, allowing blood to be pumped to and from your heart more efficiently. The benefits of these flavonoids also extend to your cardiovascular system as well. For best results, find a dark chocolate that contains 70 percent cocoa or more and try to limit your intake to two or three squares of chocolate a day.

Calling in “sick”

We’ve all done it: we wake up in the morning and have no desire to go to work. The solution: call the boss and tell him you’re sick. Adding a few coughs and a raspy voice will seal the deal. You may think this is a bad thing to do, and you may even feel guilty about it, but in actuality, you should give yourself a pat on the back.

These days, many employee contracts include “mental health days”; days that you just can’t work but not because you have a cold. These days are important to keep yourself stress free and, in all likelihood, to keep you sane. If work is getting to you, take the day off and watch your favorite movies or catch up on your soaps; get your mind back on track.

Bad Habits: 3 vices that will do you no harm
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