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Nobody I know ever wants to grow old, it is however something that’s inevitable. Our body changes when it gets older. Lots of people will try to stay looking as youthful as possible for as long as possible.

Alopecia – Male Pattern Baldness

Many men experience male pattern baldness when they start to get older. The most common type of baldness which affects men is male pattern baldness. You might know male pattern baldness under its scientific name alopecia.

Cause of Hair loss

The normal cause of hair loss in men is hereditary. If the levels of DHT become too high then this can cause hair loss

The nutrients that your hair follicles require are often stolen by the DHT. This will reduce the size of the follicles which will in turn make your hair much thinner. Unless you use some form of treatment you will not be able to retain your hair.

Preventing Hair Loss

Men really don’t like to go bald, this is because a lack of hair makes people feel more self conscious. You might want to know how you can stop hair loss in its tracks.

To prevent anyone from suffering from hair loss there are some important steps that can be taken. The level of DHT needs to be decreased in your body. The DHT levels can be controlled in a number of different ways.

It’s possible for your doctor to prescribe you with various drugs. Common drugs include Propecia. The way that these drugs work is to limit the conversion of testosterone into DHT. Side effects caused by prescription medications can be worse than the condition. Many people will experience sexual dysfunction as one of the common side effects.

Alternative Treatments For Hair Loss

Many people are considering alternative treatments because of the side effects that prescription medications can cause.

Saw Palmetto is a very important plant which is native to north America. Saw palmetto can be used to treat excess levels of DHT in your body. This herb has very similar mechanisms to the prescription medications. There are very few side effects because saw palmetto is completely natural.

The plant is very well known and has been used to treat different conditions for a very long time. It is commonly used to treat prostate and urinary problems. It’s only recently that doctors discovered that saw palmetto can be used to treat hair loss.

Banish Baldness
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