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Basic Workout at Home

There are some non-demanding exercises which you can perform at any time, and they don’t fail to keep you healthy. However, they are just not meant for those looking for serious growth of muscles. Also, a healthy snack is a must an hour prior to the workout, and a meal must follow it soon.

Cardiovascular and lower body

Walking for about half-an-hour on a daily basis would be sufficient for a cardiovascular workout. If the weather is not good, opt for going up and coming down from your building. It provides great benefits to your heart and leg muscles. Also, make sure that your walking speed and distance increases regularly. Try to rotate your routine, as in walking around the block one day, and using staircase on the other.

Upper body

Try out a few exercises for your upper body as well, as a good follow-up to the cardiovascular exercises. Performing these steps thrice a week will yield great results.

Basic pushups

The basic pushups will help the area of your chest, rear deltoids and triceps. Depending on how fit you are, you can go for three sets with a repetition of 10 to 15 times, which you can increase with time. For proper resistance, you can even support your feet on your chair. Position yourself with face on the floor, and hands beneath the shoulders. Besides, your head should be naturally aligned with your spine. Start off by extending your arms from the shoulders, and lift yourself from the floor. Then gently go down till your nose touches the floor. While you go back, exhale. For keeping tension on the muscles, avoid locking the elbows.

Close-grip pushups

They work mainly on the trunk muscles, the inner chest and the tricep muscles. Three sets with 10-15 repetitions can be carried out, with gradual increase. The starting position should be the same as discussed above. Form a triangle with the thumb and index fingers of your hands, and keep your elbows on the side while going down, to put additional stress on your inner chest and triceps. These pushups need more balance. Start off gently and stretch properly to ensure that you can handle the strain on your wrists.

Wide-grip pushups

They work for your rear shoulders, chest and parts of the back muscles. Also, they help keep the muscles of the upper body healthy and strong. The starting position and other patterns remain same. Position your hands beyond the shoulders, and point your fingers towards the front. Being demanding, they will tire you soon.


They help your thighs. Extend your legs after spreading them to the hip length. Hold dumbbells in both hands and while keeping your back straight, bend gently till your thighs level the floor. Gently return back thereafter. This should be continued till your legs get tired.


Lie on your back and hold dumbbells in both hands above the chest, arms extended in full, with palms facing each other. Then, lower the dumbbells till they are parallel to the shoulders, and breathe out.


They help your biceps. Sit on a chair with the feet placed a width apart the hip. Face the palms inwards and hold the dumbbells in front of the body. Then extend the arm and curl the dumbbell in small arcs towards the shoulders, one at a time.

Basic Workout at Home
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