Basics of GI Weight Loss
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Basics of GI Weight Loss

The Glycemic Index is based on the science of how carbohydrates work in your body. The Glycemic Index has been research-tested on real people who have the same kinds of weight-loss and health issues as you. The basic theory is this: some carbohydrates—high-glycemic ones—cause a quick rise in the body’s blood sugar levels, which causes a quick rise in insulin production. High levels of insulin cause weight gain. Low-glycemic carbohydrates keep blood sugar levels normal and aid in weight loss and maintenance.

What’s Low-Glycemic and What’s High

Low-glycemic carbs have a glycemic index of 55 or lower. These are good for you to eat. Includes vegetables, most fruit, and whole grain plus nuts, seeds, dark chocolate and dairy products without added sugar.

Medium-glycemic carbs are those scoring 56 to 69. Eat these infrequently. Includes sugar, candy, energy bars, some whole wheat breads and rice.

High-glycemic carbs are rated 70 or higher. Avoid eating these. Includes white and fluffy starches, such as popcorn, crackers, cakes, breakfast cereals, white potatoes, muffins, breads, and bagels.

The Benefits of Eating Low-Glycemic

Eating based on the glycemic index helps a person lose weight quickly and safely. But it also promotes improved health by keeping blood sugar levels stable. It’s great for persons with metabolic syndrome, diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, autoimmune disorders, and allergies.

Eating low-glycemic also helps reduce stress, increase energy, decrease fatigue, and boosts metabolism.

How to Eat Low-Glycemic

The easiest way to eat low-glycemic is to:

  • Eat meats, eggs, poultry, and fish for protein.
  • Eat 5-10 servings of vegetables and fruit daily, which can include sweet potatoes.
  • Avoid white and fluffy starches.
  • Enjoy treats such as nuts, seeds, dried fruits, veggies, and small amounts of dark chocolate.

A more elaborate way to eat low-glycemic is to tally up your glycemic load per meal, per snack, and for the day. This may let you eat more starches but also takes more time and counting.

Basics of GI Weight Loss
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