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Be “Refined” Sugar Free

Toxic Artificial and Refined Sugars Cause Health Problems

Artificial sweeteners are dangerous and toxic, and processed sugars like high fructose corn syrup are huge contributors to society’s declining health. For example, migraines and seizures have been linked to artificial sweeteners, and high fructose corn syrup is a big factor in diabetes.

Too much refined processed sugar in the diet leads to imbalances and yeast overgrowth in the body’s system. These problems can and do very often lead to a spiraling cycle of ill health.

The addictive qualities of refined sugar make it a very challenging substance to eliminate from one’s diet. Not to mention that you find it in almost every prepared food you buy from the typical grocery store.

Some health professionals have likened refined sugars to being as addictive as cocaine and heroin!

Refined sugar is a non-nutritive carbohydrate that leaches vitamins and minerals from the body. It also significantly compromises the immune system.

One might think that it takes high doses of refined sugar to create problems, when in fact what is considered “normal” refined sugar ingestion is damaging.

The physical problems created by eating refined sugar are wide and varied some of which include hypoglycemia, diabetes, candida yeast overgrowth, heart disease, cancer, insomnia, headache, kidney and liver enlargement, bad breath, lethargy, muscle aches, behavior disorders and too many more to mention.

You don’t have to give up all of life’s pleasures with eating. It just takes a little substituting and some simple rethinking of what you’ve been conditioned to use.

Your body will thank you for becoming “refined” sugar free with simple changes. You will probably even find that you like the natural sweeteners even better.

So rejoice! You don’t have to be totally sugar free to be healthy.

Be “Refined” Sugar Free
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