Ben Goldberg KO’s Brock ‘The Beast’ Lesnar
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Ben Goldberg KO’s Brock ‘The Beast’ Lesnar

What just happened there?

That seems to have been the question on everyone’s mind after a rusty Ben Goldberg annihilated an in form Brock Lesnar just 84 seconds into their WWE Survivor Series 2016 match on November 20th. Whilst Brock started the match in fine style by hurling his opponent into the corner, he seemingly had no comeback to the ferocious tirade he’d unleashed. Because Goldberg exploded into action with some moves that had the former UFC heavyweight champion on the defense, and on the mat.

Ben Goldberg KO’s Brock ‘The Beast’ LesnarA couple of spears and a jackhammer in fact was all it took to lay Brock “the Beast” Lesnar out flat. And leave the crowd, who had anticipated a Ben Goldberg mauling, sitting in stunned disbelief. Goldberg went on to celebrate his unexpected victory by bringing his wife and son into the ring to share his glory. It was the first time they’d watched him fight.

But was it so ‘unexpected’ in the upper echelons of the WWE hierarchy? Various conspiracy rumors have been doing the rounds ever since. Perhaps Lesnar was finally being punished for his PED violations earlier this year. Or maybe Lesnar and Goldberg are being set up for bigger and better things at WrestleMania or the Royal Rumble. What better way to build up anticipation for that than by setting the scene for a revenge match!

Lesnar’s WWE contract also reportedly expires in around 6 months time. If he’s moving on, the WWE may be setting the scene for his exit from their stable. And even ‘invincible’ champs can only remain at the top for so long before someone comes along to knock them off. That’s what keeps audiences coming back. And finally there’s the theory that the win was set up to knock some of the rust off Goldberg and avoid a repeat of their last uninspiring match up 12 years ago.

Whatever the ‘explanations’, if indeed there are any apart from the fact that Goldberg just hit sensational form on the night, history will record that Goldberg knocked Lesnar out of WWE Survivor Series 2016 in under 2 minutes….

Ben Goldberg KO’s Brock ‘The Beast’ Lesnar
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