Benefits Of Stretching
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Benefits Of Stretching

One of the key aspects to a physical therapy regimen is a solid routine of stretching. Our muscles can do much more than we use them for on a daily basis, so it’s important to do those little extra movements now and then to maintain maximum range of motion. Whether you’re battling an illness that has caused loss of muscle function, have experienced a personal injury, or just need a little extra help now and then, stretching is a great way to revitalize your body without going to a top-dollar spa.

The most obvious benefit to stretching exercise is increased flexibility. You may notice that your hamstrings aren’t as giving when you bend forward, or that your back hurts when you lower your head, or that your shoulders just don’t give you the range of motion they used to. All of these problems can be stopped and even reversed by chiropractic services: chiropractic adjustment, deep tissue massage and regular stretching – just do it doing it the right way.

If you suffer from back pain, you may want to pay particular attention to your doctor’s recommendations about stretching or visit a local chiropractor for chiropractic adjustment. A lot of back pain is caused from tight or spasming muscles as a result of personal injury, car accident, improper use of muscles or no use at all. The good news is that your muscles are alive, and by giving them the proper treatment and care, you have the power to vastly improve your muscular health. Yoga, for example, has been proven to reduce the severity and frequency of neck pain and lower back pain.

You may not realize that stretching actually helps with cardiovascular health as well. Just as cutting off circulation to an arm or leg will cause it to fall asleep or go numb, non-use will lower the circulation to muscle tissue, which gets its oxygen and nutrients from blood.

Stretching exercises make those unused muscles move and get the attention they need from your bloodstream. The muscle fibers then act as extra lanes on a highway, improving circulation throughout the rest of the body, lowering blood pressure, and putting less strain on your arteries.

Benefits Of Stretching
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