Benefits of Water: What are the benefits?
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Benefits of Water: What are the benefits?

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If you don’t really like to drink water, you’d rather have a soda, coffee, iced tea, kool-aid or anything else – then this article is really important for you to read….

The top two symptoms of mild to moderate dehydration are: headache and fatigue

A 1% drop in hydration can reduce performance output by as much as 20%. Most people really don’t understand the true benefits of water.


  • increases the accumulation of toxins in your body,
  • stunts your metabolism,
  • shoots your risk of cancer into orbit, and
  • accelerates your aging process.

In a dehydrated state nothing, not your mind nor your body, is operating to its potential.

Unfortunately, you tolerate or possibly aren’t even aware of the dramatic cognitive impairments, the decreased energy levels, the increased susceptibility to illnesses of all types, the inability to lose fat, and of course the crawling, stunted metabolism you live with every day.

With water- you can build muscle faster, burn fat, and remove toxins and waste more efficiently when you are well-hydrated. Plus you’ll slow down the aging process.

Don’t force your body to drain water from your skin, making you look significantly older, as well as pull water from your vital organs and brain just to attempt to cover the most basic and essential metabolic processes.

Drink 8-10 glasses or more of water every day

Your body can only assimilate and utilize water in small amounts. If you sip water all day long, hydration will be more effective.

Fruit and vegetable juices are good….but just once a day, as drinking too many of these (especially fruit juices) will load you down with too many sugars and calories.

If you choose to hold on to your coffee each day, then make sure you drink twice its equivalent in water in addition to what your supposed to be drinking to offset the dehydration caused by the caffeine.

Finally, toss the habit of only drinking something when you’re thirsty. Your body isn’t going to give you a thirsty signal when you start to become dehydrated, nor will it consistently give you a thirsty signal when you are significantly dehydrated.

In fact, often times your body will produce a hunger feeling when you are merely thirsty. This means you shouldn’t wait until you are thirsty- drink regularly all day long. If you’re hungry drink some water first and see if your hunger subsides.

The benefits of water are numerous. Decide today to make a change, start small by at least drinking one extra glass of water today. Each day add another extra glass until you are up to 8-10 glasses per day.

Water is essential to life. Every biochemical process in the body depends on it.

Benefits of Water: What are the benefits?
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