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Best Exercises To Lose Weight Quickly

There is a huge health problem that is getting worse every year in western society… obesity. This problem itself causes many other problems, some of which are leading causes of death.  More than sixty percent of American adults today are obese … and we seem to be getting fatter. If you want to lose some weight, either a lot or a little, this article is for you.

When you break everything down, there are only two ways to lose weight. Change what and how much you eat, and change what and how much you exercise. The whole billion dollar diet and exercise industry centers around these two things, and how to make them as painless as possible. Here I’ll give you some tips on choosing the right exercise plan that will go with any diet you may choose.

There are two kinds of exercise, those that build muscle, and those that build endurance. Endurance exercises are swimming, running, cycling, and working out on rowing machines. Basically anything that you do consistently for twenty minutes or more. These burn the most fat while you are doing the exercise, but they don’t do a very good job of increasing your resting metabolism.  This is what burns the fat all the rest of the time

When you do strength training, you will increase your resting metabolism. This means that you will be burning more calories while you are just sitting around. Any exercise that leaves you gasping for air after a couple minutes is a strength building exercise.

Most women are afraid of building huge muscles when they think of doing these kinds of exercises. But the secret is that when you use lighter weights, and shoot for higher repetitions, this won’t happen. The perfect solution is to do body weight exercises. Squats, push ups, running up stairs will greatly increase your lean muscle mass, and burn fat off like butter on a hot griddle.

Of course, it helps to mix in a little bit of cardiovascular exercise. But you don’t need to spend hours a week on the bike or the treadmill. Many people are happy to discover that only a few minutes a day of body weight exercises is all you need to get in really good shape, really quickly.

Best Exercises To Lose Weight Quickly
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