Best Vitamin Supplements

Best Vitamin Supplements

Frequently, people enhance their overall health by taking the best vitamin supplements intended to increase intake of important vitamins and minerals missing from a poor diet. Certain medical conditions may also prevent the body from efficiently absorbing or converting special substances into vitamins and minerals necessary for the body to function normally.

Failure to maintain adequate levels of vitamins B that includes folate, biotin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, niacin, vitamin B-6 and B-12, D, A, C, K and E can result in a broad spectrum of illnesses negatively affecting the body.

Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies

While most of us receive sufficient vitamins and minerals from consuming a variety of meats, vegetables and fruits, some individuals need nutritional health supplements to prevent common vitamin and mineral deficiency illnesses such as:


Occurring predominantly in childhood, rickets manifest because of insufficient levels of vitamin D, a condition also sometimes exacerbated by genetic issues. Without enough vitamin D, a child’s bones cannot absorb phosphorous and calcium from digested food. As a result, the spine, legs and pelvis fail to develop properly and dental problems quickly arise in the form of cavities and crooked teeth. To reverse a condition of rickets, children suffering from the disease take the best vitamin supplements containing extra vitamin D, eat plenty of dairy foods and spend more time in the sunlight.

Iron Deficiency Anemia

Common symptoms of iron deficiency anemia are overall weakness, fatigue, paleness, heart palpitations or tachycardia, shortness of breath, dizziness and cold feet and hands. Caused by insufficient amounts of iron needed for optimal functioning of hemoglobin, these symptoms are the result of red blood cells too impaired to efficiently transport oxygen to all parts of the body. Blood loss, a diet low in iron, pregnancy or an intestinal disorder preventing absorption of iron from digested food may be the culprits of a reduced hemoglobin count. Anemic individuals need to take an herbal dietary supplement rich in iron as well as eating egg yolks, red meat and dark, leafy vegetables.

Without the vitamin benefits found in the best vitamin supplements, some vulnerable individuals could also suffer from:

  • Inflammation of the mouth and tongue, a vitamin B2 deficiency
  • Bleeding gums and swollen joints, a vitamin C deficiency
  • Profuse bleeding when blood fails to clot, a vitamin K deficiency

Vegetarian Diets

People who follow a vegetarian diet often experience symptoms of vitamin and mineral deficiencies due to a lack of meat in their diets. Those who avoid all animal-based food, including eggs and milk, often suffer from a vitamin B12 deficiency, a condition that elevates homocysteine levels in the blood.

Homocysteine is an amino acid that may promote stroke and/or heart disease. For this reason, vegetarians should augment their diets with the best vitamin supplements that should contain extra vitamin B12.

Alternatively, for people who prefer to eat more meat than anything else, taking an herbal dietary supplement will provide the body with plant-based nutrients missing from a carnivorous diet.Liquid Supplement

For those who have trouble swallowing big capsules or simply dislike swallowing large pills, taking a liquid vitamin mineral supplement can provide a viable substitute for the best vitamin supplements that are only available in oversized pill form. Some liquid supplements can be conveniently added to food and consumed, a method that allows the body to absorb nutrients faster than when taken in pill or capsule form.

Healthy People Also Take Supplements

For reasons pertaining to strength and stamina enhancement, some individuals take the best bodybuilding supplements available in order to increase muscle bulk and promote endurance. These super supplements improve the ability of weight trainers to perform rigorous exercises such as deadlifts, squats and leg presses, all of which involve hoisting heavy barbells and dumbbells into the air.

Losing Weight

In addition to exercising and reducing caloric intake, taking the best weight loss supplement causes dieters to lose weight by providing the body with special ingredients intended to increase metabolism and burn fat. Most of these diet pills do not contain the nutrients found in the best vitamin supplements. People engaging in a strict food restriction program to facilitate weight loss should take supplements to maintain healthy levels of nutrients in the body.


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