Better Health via Zeolite and Ellagic Acid
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Better Health via Zeolite and Ellagic Acid

VitaminsIn earlier times, life was simple. Eating was also simple. Most people grew their own food or bought food grown close to home. Eating in this manner, they didn’t have to give much thought to their nutrition as long as they ate a good variety of healthful foods. With the absence of fast food, manufactured snack foods, and other processed foods, they didn’t have to worry about foreign chemicals in their bodies.

In these modern times, there are even more chemicals to worry about than just food chemicals. We also need to be concerned with the chemicals in the plastic bottles. As a result, people are much more concerned with learning as much as possible about how to counteract the problems caused by unnatural chemicals. Companies are popping up to provide solutions to these problems. Two such products are liquid zeolite and ellagic acid. These two products have two very different uses.


First we will look at zeolite. Zeolite is a natural mineral found near volcanoes. This mineral has an unusual structure that allows its use as an internal filter. Contrary to what you might think, the most efficacious form of this product is in liquid form. This liquid is not just a mixture of a fine powder of zeolite and water. It is specially processed into a suspended solution of humic and fulvic acids, producing an easy-to-consume supplement.

But why do we want to take this suspended mineral? It acts as a filter to remove the poisons that life in today’s world puts into our bodies. These poisons include such heavy metals as mercury, arsenic, cadmium, lead, and more. Other toxins filtered out by zeolite include pesticides, herbicides, free radicals, PCB’s, and others. As you can see, this is a list of substances that we don’t want in our bodies where they can compromise our health. We want them out. We want bodies as clean as those of our ancestors.

Ellagic Acid

Second we will consider ellagic acid. You’ve probably never heard of this supplement, either, but you’ve most surely been consuming it all of your life. It is a naturally occurring substance in many of the foods that you normally eat as part of your healthy diet.

Ellagic acid is a natural chemical (a phenolic) found in at least forty-six different types of fruits and nuts such as blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, and cranberries. As much as you love eating these fruits, you can eat only so much. To receive the full benefit, you may want to take it in a concentrated supplement form.

Ellagic Acid And Cancer

But why do you want to take it? You’ll be surprised by the benefits of ellagic acid. This is all extremely complex, but the claims for this supplement are that they protect the body from cancer. According to some studies, ellagic acid actually kills cancer cells. Other studies find that it keeps cancer cells from spreading. Of course, intelligent thought would tell you not to rely solely on a dietary supplement for a cancer cure. You should only use it for this purpose as part of the scientifically accepted treatment prescribed by a doctor who specialized in the treatment of this disease.

Better Health via Zeolite and Ellagic Acid
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