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Setting Goals for Weight Loss – BMI Body Mass Index Calculator

Everyone wants to be slim and trim. This mass desire to lose weight has created an entire industry of quick-fix solutions in the form of pills, liquid shakes, and fad diets. Not only are the majority of these methods unhealthy, but they are simply a temporary fix. In order for weight loss to be long-term, it needs to be done over a realistic period of time and in a healthy manner.

Change Doesn’t Happen Overnight

It takes time for new actions to become habits. What may seem strange at first, such as going for a brisk walk before work or having a bran muffin instead of a donut, will eventually change into a normal routine.

Eat Right

Choose foods that are low in calories and fat. If you have a small setback and give into temptation, get back on track quickly. Don’t let one slip-up discourage you from achieving your weight loss goals.

Set Achievable Goals

The key to sticking with any weight loss program is to be realistic. In order to remain healthy and motivated, strive to lose one to two pounds per week. While this may not seem like much, it definitely adds up over time.

Exercise and Stay Active

Physical activity will speed up the weight loss process. The more frequent and intense the workouts, the better the results. Increased metabolism will help burn calories and trim fat.

Check our Harris Benedict Formula page to learn more about BMI and BMR … or find your BMI right away using the BMI Body Mass Index Calculator on our website.

Setting Goals for Weight Loss – BMI Body Mass Index Calculator
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