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When he started spending too much time sidelined with injuries Seattle Seahawks’ linebacker Bobby Wagner decided the Bobby Wagner workout needed some work. So in came a few possibly eyebrow-raising routines like yoga, boxing, mixed martial arts, and swimming. The effect though was startling. Gone were the nagging injuries that kept him out of too many games for comfort since turning pro. The altered exercise regime allowed him to clock up a string of consecutive injury free games instead. It also allowed Bobby to become a League leader in tackling. At one stage he had 88 stops in 7 games for an average of 12.5 tackles per game. He raked up 16 tackles in one game and walked away uninjured. An impressive feat as tackling is not exactly kind to the body.

Unusual Components Of Bobby Wagner Workout

Bobby Wagner Workout- 1Bobby is noted for his quickness and footwork, an ability that has made him one of the League’s top 2 middle linebackers. He contributes a large part of this to his boxing. He first started boxing at the suggestion of the Seahawk’s linebackers coach at the time. When the coach left he stopped but took it back up again during one off-season after finding a small boxing gym near where he was staying. The MMA training helps with his hand placement and stands him in good stead for his blitzing. For relaxation he swims. Yoga’s many therapeutic and physical benefits are well documented.

Wagner is also the type of person who responds well to doubters! He’s not very tall as elite NFL players go and was told he’d never be a professional footballer because of it. Telling Bobby Wagner he can’t, or won’t be able to do something though is akin to waving a red flag in front of a bull. It only makes him determined to prove you wrong.

Bobby Wagner Workout Looks Outside The Traditional Training Square

This determination is what propels him into each new phase of his football career. It compels him look outside the square and incorporate different things into the Bobby Wagner workout with a view to getting better, and fitter.

That’s an attitude the Seahawks need right now too! Their infamous League of Boom is no more. Many of their long-standing experienced team members who contributed to the boom years earlier in the decade have retired or moved on. They have a young, fresh team who may be eager and talented but lack game exposure. Their management team have also come in for some criticism.

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However, it seems that the team is taking their cue from Bobby. The more their doubters doubt the more determined they are to show everyone up. It’s an attitude that seems to be working as the team are currently winning as many games as they’re losing. Which obviously is not as good as winning more games than you’re losing but is nevertheless infinitely better than the other way around.

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Sure, Bobby Wagner does work out like crazy however it is this secret addition to his daily diet that looks to be assisting him with maintaining the strength and the power he needs to stay at the very top of his game. Here is the report on our findings ….

To be continued …

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