Body Rolling And Detoxing

Body Rolling & Detoxing

I’ve been going through a “body” crisis. I don’t know how else to describe it. I’m finding solutions slowly. Perhaps you’ve been here. Or someone you know. Last August or September, my body felt “crooked.” I went to a chiropractor who claimed he would “rehabilitated” me, but I didn’t feel better. My feet, knees, lower back, upper back, neck, shoulder, and wrist ached, popped, and my muscles were so tight, they hurt. I thought I had fibromyalgia.

I did all the health and wellness stuff I recommend to you, and still my body was not right. Then, my winter boots didn’t fit. I couldn’t walk in my boots. They hurt, as if my feet had grown. My husband shuddered at the thought of replacing all 4 pairs with new size 11’s. Not the size–but the cost.

Which brings me to my first success: Body rolling at I spent 4 challenging hours rolling my feet on hard rubber balls per the Body Rolling method. I un-collapsed the arches in my feet, and my boots fit again. And my foot stopped hurting so much. I do continued maintenance and my feet are OK.

Over the Christmas holidays, I started doing hot yoga ala Bikram in my home every afternoon. I set up the “oil” heater in a small bedroom, put out my yoga mat, and did the 26 postures from Bikkram yoga. (You can find a book on this on As long as I did yoga everyday, my body was better.

When I stopped the yoga, the body aches and pains returned. What in the world was causing this? Even my mental capacity for figuring it out wasn’t working well.

I was super-vigilant about my diet, my exercise, my supplements. But nothing made any difference, however, they may have kept me from getting worse.

In trying to put two and two together, I realized that my body felt better when I was traveling, and worse at home. I purchased an elaborate air-purifier. The purified air felt great, but still no relief.

My “psycho-chiro” alternative health practitioner did applied kinesiology and told me the cause was solvents. Oh my gosh, a little over a year ago I took up oil painting. Do you suppose the paints were that bad? I gave up oil painting and solvents. I paint with acrylics and that’s made a big difference.

When I was doing the daily “hot” yoga, I thought my body stopped hurting because of the stretching. Now I think differently. I think that the hot yoga was detoxing my liver BIG TIME. Yes, I going to set up my “hot” yoga room again and practice at least twice a week. Just for maintenance.

Detoxing helps with weight loss and aches and pains, under-eye dark circles, allergies, migraines, rashes, moods, and for feeling under the weather.

Here’s what helps for detoxing:

  1. Yoga, hot yoga, stretching, astanga yoga, hatha yoga, etc.
  2. Bouncing – rebounding
  3. dry-brush body
  4. avoid dairy, starches, artificial sweeteners, packaged foods with 4 or more ingredients.
  5. aerobics
  6. steam baths
  7. Avoid shampoos, lotions, bath salts with too much fragrance,
  8. preservatives, etc.
  9. Avoid artificial nails (if you think the smell of oil paints
  10. is toxic, sit in a nail salon for an hour).
  11. massage
  12. Body Rolling
  13. Pilates
  14. Fresh Mountain or ocean air
  15. Eating 6-10 servings vegetables and fruit per day
  16. 25 gms of fiber per day
  17. purified water
  18. greens drinks
  19. fennel-seed tea.
  20. Other such teas
  21. fish oil

Here’s why detoxing is so important for weight loss: We know that the body stores toxins in fat. This protects you from being poisoned. In fact, it’s now thought that if you have an overload of toxins, your body will make more fat cells so it can store more of the toxins. One client worked with me to develop a detox program and within a week her body fat decreased by one percent point.

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Stephen (spelt ‘ph’ not ‘v’) Sammes is a writer and editor with a special interest in natural health and wellness. He’s also keenly interested in food. Of the healthy sort that is! When he’s not researching and writing about health, he can often be found improving his own at his local gym.